85 to 95% and 3 out of 7

twinkleAnd because I’m running outta pitchers, a random photoooo of Top-of-Fridge Cat aka Twinkle Star Finlayson, my childhood tortoise-shell cat (for a year or so until The Commander got taaarrred of cats (and litters of kittens (I knoooowwww))).

85 to 95%? Accepting a ride home was probably a smart thing to do last night since I woke up at that Batscope Hour on the edge of a sore throat and feeling just the teensiest tinesiest weeeeee bit feverish. (I actually had the faintest whiff of a premonition when I accepted the ride and I hope our friends do not get this cold.) The sore throat was virtually gone after I took my shower but I was dragging *ss enough that I bagged my walk even though it was a balmy 19 degrees or whatever. I was at about 85% this morning, which was well enough to slodge slowly through my usual Saturday chores and do two grokkery runs (Jackson Road Meijer in the Ninja and a walk to the Plum). Then I climbed onto an upward trajectory and regained most of my usual energy by early afternoon. If you know me in life, you might have an idea of that energy level. I’m calling it 95% but that’s because my immune system is still shoveling out a significant amount of mucous / mucus (not sure which is correct).

3 out of 7? Three closets down, four to go! A couple weeks ago, the GG made a huge dent in the “cedar” closet under the stairs. Our real estate agent made a big deal out of that closet as a selling point. It’s basically just another yucky basement closet that once had a bunch of wood chips (cedar?) on the floor. We moved in and filled it with Stuff We Don’t Wear EVER* and eventually some other junk got put on the floor and rodents (and spiders) invaded and and and… Anyway, this afternoon, I summoned up some gumption and, with the help of my iPhone flashlight, picked all of the crap off the closet floor (hangers mostly), vacuumed, and cleaned it with the dregs of a bottle of Mr. Clean that came from The Comm’s house that I’ve been wanting to get rid of. We won’t talk about the rest of the closets until we get to them. Flinging, like software development done right, is an iterative process. Eating an elephant.

Oh, you guys, can you believe that I am subscribing to a 2-day-a-week newspaper so that we have paper to start faaaarrs with? I arrived home from a late afternoon (sunshine!!!!) walk to the GG rummaging in the recycle bin for newspaper. Oops. I forgot to save some. We get a newspaper on Thursday and Sunday mornings. By the time it arrives, I have already read everything online via that newspaper’s Twitter feed. I looked at the GG and said something like, “Yeah, I was gonna stop our paper subscription but then I remembered that we need it for faaaarrr starter.” He actually snorted out a bit of a laugh. So, we are actually paying $30 every three months for newspapers that we burn a few months of the year and recycle the rest of the time.

* If you are not going to wear something EVER, GET RID OF IT! Someone else will use it if it is clean and in good repair. If it is interesting enough (or not), some costume person may snag it for a play. If it is truly unusable and unsaleable (and most of the stuff we get rid of is unsaleable), there are organizations that will recycle it. The one thing that I do NOT put into any kind of recycle stream is used underwear, even if it has been laundered. That’s as far as I’m gonna go with that for now.

2 Responses to “85 to 95% and 3 out of 7”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I had to go through my closet so that it could be painted, thus I’m counting that, even though it wasn’t voluntary. 🙂 That photo looks like Mari. She is black and not tortoise shell though.

  2. jane Says:

    OMG! ok – immediately stop your subscription to the 2 day/week paper. I will happily give you my Sunday NYTs, any one of which is WAY bigger than a months worth of A2.com. I just recycle it, so let’s really recycle it by me giving it to you!!!

    Excellent! It’s a plan! yay!