One (or more) flew over the compost heap

One of my self-imposed morning chores these days besides milking the cow is to take the compost container that I keep beside the sink out to the back of the back yard and dump it into the compost heap. By the way, I had to google “heap” to make sure I was spelling it correctly. I was thinking “heep” but I guess I was thinking of Uriah Heep, Dickens character and rock band. Anyway, some people might think it painful to trudge out into the back forty to dump the compost in the deep freeze temperatures we’ve been having. I am enjoying it for reasons I can’t totally explain except that it is beautiful outside in the winter, even when it doesn’t look like it does in the photo below. If you are one of my nine reglear nucular taggers, you will remember that by the time I take the compost out, I have already walked three miles in the dark through the ice and snow (aah-aah-aaaaah-aah).

So yesterday, I headed out to dump the compost and quickly backtracked to grab my iPhone because…


When I got to the compost heap, I did a double take because…


Clearly, someone else had been to the compost heap since the last time I had been out there. I had a hunch about who it was. Can you guess? It turned out to be a six-month supply of eggshells. They are welcome here in my compost heap. I love it when people drop stuff off there.

My cold is receding at a rapid rate although I am not quite finished with the coughing. I was chagrined to learn that The Queen Bee called in sick today. That is a rare event and I hope it wasn’t me who infected her but it probably was. Not the best thing to get your supervisor sick but I don’t think she’ll hold it against me.

Just in case you have forgotten where I live, here is Led Zeppelin [it’s a video]. I’m sure I have posted this song before. Aah-aah-aaaaaah-aah.

P.S. The GG HATES this song!

2 Responses to “One (or more) flew over the compost heap”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That’s a lot of eggshells! I need to eat more eggs. I love them, but can’t think of dishes to make with them for one person. (or maybe I’m just lazy!) Glad your cold is going away. I never had one, just the blasted one month long cough.

  2. Sam Says:

    How have I missed seeing the cow-shed when I’ve visited??? 😀