The North Shall Rise Again

froghlBut it’ll have to rise without me, at least this weekend. Once again, I am carefully hoarding my 20 days of annual vacation time. I started off the year in terrible form by taking January 2 as a vacation day. Well worth it but painful to use a day so early in the year. Then I worked MLK Day in exchange for taking a mid-February Friday off to go up and freeze (and have great fun!) at Tahq. Oh, plus I get eight hours of paid volunteer time! I will take some or all of that next Friday and it will be doing something really fun!

The Twinz of Terror are gonna ski the Vasa tomorrow. I know that I cannot keep up with them on the Vasa, at least not this year. It would be my first day of skiing for the season and I am always AWFUL that first day, especially the first uphill, which always KILLS me! I need at least a few days of skiing every day to feel good about what I’m doing. Plus my equipment is well overdue for an upgrade, especially my boots, which are disintegrating. The GG outfitted himself with new ski equipment this winter and that was fine. I could’ve done the same but I felt like we had been spending kind of more money than we usually do and wanted to put the brakes on for a bit. I like to live off the income we work so hard to earn and not pull anything out of savings or wherever. I have to note that, with skiing, it is NOT the uphills that get me. I’m fine after the first uphill of the year. It’s the downhills! I do not like to feel out of control.

Excuses, excuses. Anyway, I am here on The Planet Ann Arbor. Froooggy and Turnstile and some shadow person are at Houghton Lake. And The Beautiful Becky and Jim, who I am really sorry I am missing because they are so much fun! It’s okay. I kind of need a weekend at home alone, one where I am not sick and there are no other distractions aka lovely parties at Wendy’s house, etc. I’ll find plenty of stuff to do around the Landfill and I’m feeling really good now that my Kick A*s immune system has totally ejected my recent cold virus, so I’ll be hiking all over town. Maybe I will see if the aubergine vase is still at Treasure Mart and snag it. But it’s probably not. Broooosie probably has it. Maybe I can buy it from him… Got a third of a donut-type thing from him today…

G’night. Love y’all. KW

One Response to “The North Shall Rise Again”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Glad that you are getting over your nasty cold and taking some time to rest and shop! I loved downhill skiing but have never tried cross country. I’m sure it would kill me!