White? Blue? (Black? Gold? (Texas Tea…))

snowfortsI got really annoyed (really fast) with that whole dress thing that stormed the internet for a day or so. Is it gone? Honestly, I would rather have pics of what people are eating for lunch than vacuous discussions like this one. If you have ever taken a picture of snow that involves strong sunlight and shadow, you will intrinsically understand why it looks white where the sun is shining on it and blue when it’s in shadow (I took this yesterday). Black and gold are a bit more complicated but think about tree limbs with the sun shining on them (brown but kind of gold in the sun) or in silhouette (black).

Whenever someone says something about a Blue Dress, I remember a summer sometime in the mid 1990s. NPR was constantly rattling about The Blue Dress. Guess what my old coot would say every single blasted time NPR said, “Blue Dress”. Can’t guess? Well, I’ll tell you that he said, “Stick it!” Right within hearing distance of whatever grandchild happened to be around. I bet that they love him for doing that and I do not think you could ever confuse the color of that particular blue dress with white [grin].

I don’t know why things like the blue / black / white / gold dress gain so much traction on the internet. I couldn’t understand why people saw different colors, at least in terms of what got posted. I saw low-resolution, badly photoshopped photos.

But why complain? I would much rather have the Internet talk about a white / blue / gold / black dress than airliners crashing into the World Trade Center, just for example.

Love y’all,
Kayak Woman

One Response to “White? Blue? (Black? Gold? (Texas Tea…))”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It was a silly discussion that turned into ridiculous arguments in some cases. (but as you said, it was harmless, although annoying) It did engender some interesting talks about perception which was the only positive that came out of it. I am definitely on the white/gold team. 🙂