Day in the life

Shut down my staticky alarm clock (not that I really need an alarm clock), checked the weather on my iPhone, and launched for the shower.

Layered for today’s weather, shut off the Blue and Only Bathroom fan, made sure the GG was awake, and launched out the door for my Skunk Walk.

Arrived home, emptied the dishwasher, ate breakfast, packed a lunch, did some chores (dishes, folded laundry, cleaned stovetop and sink, cleaned bathroom fixtures, took compost out to heap, milked cow), and egregiously idled the Ninja while I put my eye makeup on (yes, really).

Slodged down to Cubeland. I have a decent commute on a dry day, which today was. Tomorrow, maybe not so much. Long busy day punctuated by a short afternoon drive-about (needed some sun but wasn’t dressed for walking) and watching the moon rise (3:52 PM, waxing gibbous, 92.2% visible). And the Queen Bee’s coughing fits — she’s about where I was a week ago. I still have occasional coughing fits but they are minimal compared to hers. I feel her pain. Today she was trying to stay a good distance away from us. I said, “It’s okay, I am immune to that cold virus!” Indeed.

Afternoon chores: mail (renew mag subscription), empty lunch bag, change clothes (and wash feet!), make dinner (eggplant parm and noodles with pesto), add things to grokkery list (Grocery IQ app on phone), and, oh yeah, blahg…

What to blahg about? I dunno. Back in the day when my “job” was youth theatre guild administrator, my days were often a lot more interesting. There was a lot of stuff that I certainly couldn’t blahg about but very often, the day-to-day adventures of driving all over town managing a highly creative organization provided a lot of blahgging fodder. Sorry, but I’m a boring systems analyst now and the details of my job would not be interesting to anyone.

My day wasn’t the most exciting but sometimes that’s a good thing. Lots of sunshine today and more melting than I thought possible, given that the temperatures only climbed into the upper 20s. That melting included the ice immediately outside my front door. The ice that doesn’t melt no matter how much salt you throw at it. It melts in March. Usually. If it’s not a polar vortex year. This is *not* a polar vortex year.

Check out how the folks at Lake Superior State University recently dealt with minus 40 (not wind chill) temperatures here. I walked to high school in similar conditions. The schools were never closed when I was a kid in the yooperland.


2 Responses to “Day in the life”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My mom always says, “Nothing new, a boring day–but we wouldn’t want a bunch of new and exciting bad stuff.” Your day sounds very productive!! That was my weekend; it was boring, but productive.

  2. l4827 Says:

    As a Lake Superior (before Lake Superior State, now Lake Superior State University) alum, I do remember tripping over a campus street sign or two while going to an early morning class. Those were the days. The story then was Osborn hall was designed, the way it was, because of the Kent State fiasco. It doesn’t have straight halls, thus improving administrative crowd control of possible (probable?) student protest.