Chugga chugga chugga chugga clang clang clang!

trainwreckThe image I wanted to post today showed a crazed person digging through my kitchen trash receptacle. Unfortunately, I was caught in the act and he put the trash can down before I could get my iPhone open. Digging through the trash looking for “valuables”? Wonder who he got that trait from? 😉

It’s okay, the train wheels will do since I am a walking train wreck. Lemme see.


Backed the CLBHC out of the driveway and got it stuck in the sludge the plow left behind but a little Yooper style rocking got it out. Backed the Ninja out a little more quickly and was on my way.

Jackson Road Meijer. Five bags of grokkeries and still didn’t get everything on the list.

Home to put away grokkeries and discover that my Mouse is a wee bit under the weather.

Dispatch Nurse Froog to take care of her and…

Park on State Street. Urban Outfitters.

Repark on Main and William. Peaceable Kingdom. Kerrytown and Farmer’s Market. Tried to hit 10,000 Villages and 16 Hands and some other artsy stores but they didn’t open until 11 AM! I turn into a pumpkin at 11 AM during the xmas shopping season.

Ace Hardware. Arbor Farms for bananas (Mouse) and Canadian bacon (not the movie) that I couldn’t get at Meijer for whatever reason.

Home to check in with Nurse Froog and squirrel away my latest acquisitions.

Border’s @Oak Valley.

Home *again*. Whew!

Forage for lunch. Declutter back room. Vacuum back room. Discover a BURNED SPOT IN THE BRAND NEW CARPET!!!! Declutter Liz’s room, inadvertently throwing out some “valuable” crap. Hence kitchen dumpster diving. Food prep. Clean refrigerator. Futz around with photoshop.

Walk again.

Knight’s for dinner. Gotta go.

2 Responses to “Chugga chugga chugga chugga clang clang clang!”

  1. Dog Mom Says:

    Um, Christmas shopping? Er… what’s that? Around here, it’s turned into: let’s go out and start outfitting apartments that won’t be occupied until 6-9 months from now… a little at a time. Somehow, I burned out on the whole idea of Christmas shopping, oh, say about the time I saw Christmas-y stuff out on the stores’ shelves before Halloween this year. That’s a whole new speed record for me.

    Even though I have a little tree up at my desk and I donated my big tree to my office and we have our little 4-ft trees up at home, I really-honestly do not *feel* Christmas-y at all. Even the 10-inch snowfall on Friday hasn’t instilled the Xmas spirit…

  2. Margaret Says:

    Busy day. You’re even making me want to comment in quick, hurried sentences. Hope all is well, in spite of the burned spot(would frustrate me) and the bad weather. (would terrify me and IS doing so right now!!)