You! In the blue! Do you need help shoveling?

snowbankI wasn’t even anywhere near my house. I was walking — vigorously — along past some other people who were shoveling their sidewalks a couple blocks away. I felt just a teensy bit insulted. Did he think I was some weak little old lady who can’t wield a shovel? He wasn’t a young kid looking for money. More likely an enthusiastic volunteer. Like I *still* am for my truly elderly neighbors, when I have time. I met his offer with as much humor as I could muster but I let him know that *my* sidewalk was already shoveled. And then when he said something about, “at least you can walk now”, I replied with a cheerfully emphatic “Yes!” and then couldn’t stop myself from adding that I had also walked early this morning. Early. Before *anybody* had shoveled their sidewalk. Including me.

Of course the honest truth is that I didn’t do one iota of shoveling today. It was a work day for me but not for the GG, so I let him have the honors. Me? This marks the first day that I have officially taken advantage of my company’s friendly work-from-home policy, other than a couple of hours here and there. Oh, I could’ve driven to work this morning. There was a lot of snow but not too much for the Dogha. But what the heck? It would’ve taken me a whole blasted hour to drive my little eight mile commute. What was the point? I am not a brain surgeon. Nobody is gonna die if I’m not in my cubicle. Nothing I am doing at the moment is scheduled to be finished until after the holidays. So. Work from home. The little breaks spent socializing with co-workers? Laundry. Lunch? Walked Slogged over to the Plum Market to pick up dinner. That’s where the 10-foot snowbank in the pic is. If I were still a kid, I’d’ve climbed it. Come to think of it, why the heck *didn’t* I climb it? Mañana.

White Christmas? I’m thinking so but you never know around here.

One Response to “You! In the blue! Do you need help shoveling?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That’s a BIG snowbank. I can’t work from home, nor have I shoveled a driveway in my life! We just don’t in WA. I’m hoping for a RAINY Christmas.