In which I look like a snow-covered old bag making a duck face.

abominablesnowmanI twittered or tweeted or whatever you want to call it this morning something like, “freakin’ out”. And I was. Freakin’ out. But only because this is the first year in about umpteen million that I have had a full-time job at the same time as I have tried to provide an over-the-top Christmas holiday experience for the beach urchins. I do not know how I managed it in the old days. It was probably because when kids are little you can wrap up just about any old kind of plastic crap. Little kids will usually be just as excited about opening up the package as what is in it.

But you have been hearing me grouse about all this stuff all month and I won’t put y’all through that again, er, except that I already have. But then. I finally looked at Twitter again this afternoon (I had forgotten all about that “freakin’ out” tweet) and AgateGal had reported on an occurrence of Thundersnow!

I have experienced thundersnow a couple of times in my life but my favorite [and first] was once when we got 10 inches of snow overnight and I had to drive my old VW Jetta over to my contractor job at the EPA at 5:30 in the morning or whatever. It was still snowing to beat the band and my vee-hickle was kind of okay about driving *through* that stuff but I remember whenever I came to a stoplight I would just plain run it. There was nobody else on the road and I knew that if I stopped, I would not get going again. The defrogging system was totally crap at on that vee-hickle at that point, so zee veendsheeld vaz all frogged up and I couldn’t see jack-shit. So I opened the windows, which all the blasted engineers always say will defrog zee veeendsheeld but, in my experience, always just makes the interior of the vee-hickle cold and doesn’t do jack-shit about defrogging zee veendsheeld.

Anyway, I was slithering and sliding and galumphing along through 10 inches of snow with the radio on and the windows open. I was wondering what the you-know-what I was doing going to work at that time of the morning in a huge snowstorm. What was I trying to prove? That I was a blasted Yooper? I am cool. I can do snow. Or not. Anyway, I got to the intersection of Plymouth Rd. and Barton Drive and the light turned red. There was NOBODY anywhere. I didn’t stop. I whaled through the red light. And, through my open window, I heard a loud clap of thunder. My first thundersnow. Life turned surreal at that point and I broke down and started laughing out loud.

We’re s’pos’d’t’ get that kind of snow overnight. We’ll see what I do tomorrow.

5 Responses to “In which I look like a snow-covered old bag making a duck face.”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve experienced thunder snow once in my lifetime and I thought it was the apocalypse! It totally freaked me out, but was wonderful at the same time. And let’s not talk about snow as it is VERY messy around here right now.

  2. Jay Says:

    I am not sure exactly where Margaret is located, but I woke up to thundersnow this morning. Wasn’t sure whether I should believe it the first time, but the second time it rolled through I had to trust my ears.

  3. Pooh Says:

    I heard on the weather report that parts of the country may experience Thunder Snow, and some may even experience Thunder Ice. Now that sounds scary. I hope that Rochester and Cincinnati are not on those parts of the map, as Dave is due to fly home tonight.

  4. Paulette Says:

    Haven’t heard thundersnow, but wonder if you have seen snowbows? About three years ago, it was snowing very hard as I was driving down 6 mile. The sun came out briefly in the southern sky and through the snow I saw my first snowbow. Now remember, I am from Ohio. No snowbows there. Perhaps to Yoopers, snowbows are common. Are they more common then thundersnow? Or is it because we can visually connect with snowbows, and since our windows are shut most of the time in winter it makes it difficult to be “acoustically aware” of thundersnow? Merry Christmas to all!

  5. Pooh Says:

    If that’s your best DcUK Face, you need to try harder!