I am here. The news is good. That is all.

Er, at least the news is good in my little corner of the universe. I know it isn’t for so many people. But I will take what I can get for the moment. We have snow here. I love snow. I don’t even mind driving in it but they didn’t even plow Stadium Blvd. this morning and The Ninja was not happy about how I was driving it. At least not at first. Trying to get up the post office driveway (to mail the penultimate college tuition check) was instristing, to say the least. But I am learnin’ that vee-hickle’s capabilities and I think we did better than a lot of the other folks on the slippery, slithery, slidey, UNPLOWED!!!! roads this morning. Hey, Planet Ann Arbor: I shoveled my blasted walk this morning (and salted it too, unlike most of those snowblower guys). Why can’t you plow your major streets? Hmm? Those pics down there are a WordPress “gallery”. If you click on one, you’ll get a new page with a *slightly* larger pic. Er, maybe you have to click twice. What’s up with that? I’ll have to code my own blasted popups as usual… Grrrr.

One Response to “I am here. The news is good. That is all.”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Very pretty! We were supposed to get a bunch, but got pretty much…zip. We’re in a doughnut and we’re the hole. All around us they got dumped on.