Focus on the positive

Lemme see…

MMCB is NOT moving to Texas! Man oh man, I would miss her so much! Goose Mom moved to TX a while back. I miss her. I wish I could still drive bacon to her house. What *is* it about Texas?

I put my snowpants away today. Dooya think I’ll need them again this season? I mean, they are absolutely wonderful snowpants and I love them dearly. But still. I did not put my YakTrax away yet. Soon. I hope.

I hauled an EMPTY trash barrel out to the curb this afternoon. That is the second time in Landfill History. Why did I haul it out to the curb? Because I had just enough trash in the Chitchen and Blue and Only Bathroom trash containers to put it out. Bonus? Now that I am freezing all of my icky food waste (the stuff I can’t compost in the backyard), the Chitchen trash NEVER stinks!

The GG wanted to walk downtown to eat somewhere tonight. Try as I might, I just wasn’t into it. I had chores to do and a nice salmon filet thawing. And we’re walking downtown tomorrow night like we always do. And cogitating about a Rocket Trip to HL (early Sat – Sun).

The C-fam facebook group.

The double left-turn signal when you are turning left from Jackson onto N. Maple. Genius.

I thought I had more but I’ve been putting dinner together (salmon, teeny little potatoes, broccoli / lemon saute) so I’ve been distracted.

Oh yeah. Found my second black polartech vest. In the laundry. Could NOT find it anywhere for the last couple days. It would take a whole post to describe why I need two identical vests [the short story has to do with wearing one every day and spilling food]. Anyway… I looked everywhere this morning BUT the goddamn laundry.

Love y’all,
KW. Wondering what positive things happened in your life today.

2 Responses to “Focus on the positive”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Texas holds no allure for me. I went for a run and didn’t feel exhausted. I had a counseling appointment that was productive. I have all the decor/art for my master bathroom, but now have to figure out how to hang it!

  2. Pooh Says:

    I charted and started knitting version 2.0 of a cardinal for Dave’s sweater-to-be. Today I get to go buy the yarn. Spring weather!!