I ain’t Einstein but I ain’t all that dumb either

einsteinFirst, my cousin commented about the hotel carpet in the pic in yesterday’s post. I admit that I didn’t really notice it all that much until I looked at the pic after I took it. Pretty ugly. It might be interesting to peek into the interior design process for hotels.

I spent most of the day pretty darn annoyed about various things. Mostly things that don’t belong on the internet. A more benign one? Well, right now, I am trying to print out a pay statement. I can’t remember the last time I even *looked* at one of my pay stubs. I know. That’s not a good thing. I can easily find pay statements online *at work*. But I don’t like to print stuff like that *at work*. Do you? Some people work at places where the printer saves an image of everything you print. I don’t really think that my work does that [yet] but I am not comfortable printing out my personal salary info at work even though I use the QA printer and nobody in QA cares doodly about my info. More often than not, when I wander over to QA to pick up a printout, I get drawn in to whatever discussion is going on there. Friends.

Anyway. In the last couple years, our “stuff” [at work] has been getting more and more locked down. Believe me, you are happy about that. But. I wasn’t sure that I could access my pay stubs from anywhere else. I *should* be able to, right? It’s my own personal information. My phone couldn’t do it. I think it was a browser issue. I held my breath as I tried to access my pay info from my MacBook at home. Yes!!! Well, and then we had difficulties about how to print this stuff out. Duh… Do we have paper? We found some but whatever printer we’re using now had trouble feeding that paper through. The GG baby-sat all of that [thank you] and printer paper is on my shopping list for the first time in I dunno how many years. I remember making frequent trips to Office Max / Office Depot / Staples for reams of computer paper back in the YAG days.

Some good things? We had 50-something temps today. Our snow is melting fast. I [finally] dropped off several bags of stuff at the Scrap Box. They have been in the Ninja since sometime in January or whenever. One thing that I am *not* annoyed about is Daylight Savings Time. I know that others are. I don’t much care. I kind of love when we get late sunsets. And I love when we switch back to early sunsets. We (here at the Landfill) are more tired at the end of the day than usual with either of those time changes. But that makes a good excuse to crash early. One of my coffee buddies flies all over the world all the time. She always manages to pick up her Planet Ann Arbor life wherever she has been and, when she returns home from Borneo or wherever the night before Coffee, she is always up for it. I don’t often travel out of my time zone but, when I do (or the time changes), I try to emulate MMCB.

Love y’all, KW

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Oh, oh, what’s so annoying? I look at my pay stub from work but have never printed one out. I can do it from home too. We have a really effed up payroll department, so I like to keep an eye on them.