New profile pic?

profilepicThis would be a pretty good facebook profile pic but I’m gonna use my grandma’s pic for a while longer. I hope she doesn’t care. I bet she doesn’t. In a really strange way, I think we look kind of like the baggy old farmer couple in Grant Wood’s “American Gothic” painting. Can’t figger why exactly, since we are standing in front of an elevator and there is no evidence of a pitchfork and my (beautiful) bushy blonde / gray / white hair is covered up by my Fargo Hat. It must be the expressions on our faces. Or maybe it’s that we are a baggy old couple.

BTW, lest you think I am a learned art aficionado, I HTG (“had to google” in the xword world) the American Gothic painting and my successful search phrase was “american farmer painting”. The Google is pretty darn smart, don’tcha think?

We had a great time figuring out that elevator. Our room was on the 5th floor (of six) and so we got in and pressed the “5” button. The elevator went up but it stopped at something like 4. Okay, a passenger asked if we were going up and we said yes, she got on and pressed “6”. The elevator bypassed our floor and stopped at six. We went down. We went back up. We could *not* stop at the 5th floor. Finally, we landed on a floor with an employee waiting for an elevator. He figgered out that we were on the floor with the “concierge lounge” and needed a room key to get to it. Our room key didn’t seem to unlock floor five in that elevator. I was asking where the stairs were at about that point but the other elevator managed to get us to our floor and he called for an “elevator engineer”. To make a long story short, the elevators were problematical the entire time we were there but we managed. I love the hotel in general. The rooms are nice but not uber-fancy and, as I have said before, it is right smack dab in the middle of East Lansing, which allows me to walk all over campus and time travel to my heart’s content until I come back to reality.

So, in this pic, we are headed over to Beggars Banquet for dinner and we are suited up because it was a chilly evening with temps in the teens or early 20s. When we do our Quiet Water Symposium gig, the GG is very much focused on our booth and the stuff we display, etc. He does less time traveling than I do and I am grateful that he is supportive of mine. But we do go to Beggars for dinner. Which is where he spent a lot of time studying back in the day.

4 Responses to “New profile pic?”

  1. Sam Says:

    Thanks for teaching me “HTG.” I have been on the concierge floor several times (okay, only twice), and also had to key the elevator, very odd.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I couldn’t figure out that my room key in Santa Monica unlocked the elevator to the floors with rooms, so I rode around on it for a while. 🙂 Glad for the extra safety though.

  3. Pooh Says:

    I see the resemblance to American Gothic, but what really caught my eye was the rug. More than once I’ve come back from vacation with pics of the hotel carpeting.

  4. Pooh Says:

    I love spirals as a design element, but the colors are quite emphatic! Hotels and movie theatres frequently have carpets that have these wild, over-the-top designs that wouldn’t work at home, but are striking there. I also take pictures of tile floors or doorways.