I can’t call it a sunset walk any more

riversun2With DST, the sun doesn’t set until 7:30 or so, so I guess I have to call our somewhat habitual Sunday afternoon walk by the river a Late Afternoon Walk. Believe it or not, I am kind of missing the winter solstice when we would often drive home from a river walk in pitch black. I suppose we could time a Sunday Sunset Walk to coincide *with* the sunset throughout the year but I don’t really want to go down there at 9:30 or 10 PM and fight moe-skee-toes in June. So, to the extent that I want to continue a Sunday Sunset Walk, it’ll be around the same time every Sunday and we’ll try (loosely) to note the season and weather and position of the sun and moon (if it’s visible). We will NOT be anal about this. If we are outta town or busy or the weather is awful (or the bugs) or we would rather sit out in the Landfill back yard and burn the 2014 xmas tree, we will bag our Sunday Sunset Walk.

I dunno about the Apple watch (or whatever it’s called). What do you think? I don’t actually like to wear watches or jewelry of any kind, at least not very often. I have jewelry that I love whether or not I wear it and I always wear a very simple gold chain around my neck. I mean always. I never take it off, Ever. But a watch? Back in the day when I couldn’t just look at my phone or computer (or car!) to get the time, I tried to wear watches but they were always kind of a pain. At one point, I think I asked my loverly parents for a watch for my birthday or xmas or whatever. They gave me a clunky digital watch that managed to irritate my skin to no end. I think it was a nickel sensitivity. All I really wanted was a simple analog watch with a leather (?) band. Oh well. It wasn’t too long after that that I had a vee-hickle with a clock.

Speaking of vee-hickle clocks, oh yeah, I have to change the Ninja’s clock to EDT. Note to auto engineers. We need a button to change from standard to daylight time. Actually, that may not be a problem any more. I’m gonna guess that there are vee-hickles that talk to some mother ship and change the time automatically, like my iPhone does. Actually, I bet Ruby does that. Me? I mostly drive the Ninja, a 2008 Honda Civic SI, and that technology was not available in cars back then. Time for a new vee-hickle? Oh man, I don’t want to buy a new car just because it can change the time automatically. Anyway, I love my Ninja!

G’night, KW.

One Response to “I can’t call it a sunset walk any more”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I hate the time change, so I would be happy to get rid of it. I always wear a watch because I don’t always have my cell phone. It lives in my purse unless I’m using it. Other than that I wear the diamond earrings my grandfather gave me and occasionally a lung cancer bracelet or an ID bracelet that the girls got me. I’m not much for jewelry either. I do still wear my wedding ring, but would like to switch it to my right hand. (if I could get it off!)