Looking for something else, I found this.

mouserabbitSo, The Commander made a rather hilarious appearance today. I picked up where I left off umpteen billion years ago going through her papers. I don’t mean her *important* papers. I mean her letters (mostly to me or my kids) and things. And her wallet… … … I had totally lost track of her wallet… Okay, so there were a few twenties and smaller bills in there, so I added those to the twenty and the few smaller bills in my own wallet. And I found some change. I don’t deal with silver these days, except for quarters, so I kept the quarters and added the smaller change to the ziplock bag I periodically take to a CoinStar musheen to donate to United Way or whatever.

I cleaned out all of the cards and things. I kept the driver’s license I helped her get after we lost her license somewhere at Command Central and couldn’t find it again and I finally took her out to the Secretary of State to get a replacement, even though I had already pulled her driving privileges oh boy oh boy that was so much fun… I also kept her social security card and her Bayliss Library card and her voter’s registration card. My once Republican mother wanted to vote for Obama again but didn’t live long enough to do so, although she was awake and aware during the 2012 State of the Union address. And then I reached into a deeper pocket in that purse and all I can say is that I have some cash now. Oh, it isn’t that much but it will probably allow me to buy coffee at Barry’s once a week for the rest of the year. Barry’s is the only place where I regularly use cash these days. I gave some of it to the GG. He had been informed about this little bit of cash when it was first sequestered. I guess he deserves some.

So then, we went down to walk by the river. We took different trails today and planned to meet at the dam. As I approached the dam, I could hear a train whistle. Train coming from the west. Watching trains and freighters and airplanes provide way too much excitement for me so I started to run, slipping and sliding on the slushy ice and narrowly missing big mud-holes, so that I could get to the foot bridge in time to see the train come across the train bridge. I got to the foot bridge. The train whistles were still blowing. Yikes! There was a person walking on the railroad bridge. I knew who it was. Even though I knew he couldn’t hear me, I yelled and gesticulated like crazy! Get off the damn bridge! A train is coming!

We were not doing this in a vacuum today. There were people on the foot bridge watching me yelling and gesticulating at the GG to GET OFF THE GODDAMN BRIDGE. THERE’S A TRAIN COMING, FER KEE-REIST! The GG did know that the train was coming and he did move off the bridge before it arrived. It was me who was freaking out. (I bet the train driver was a little “annoyed” too.) After the train went by and it was obvious that the GG was okay (and I could see him standing there behind the train cars as they went by), I walked the rest of the way across the foot bridge. I told the folks who had obviously been watching something like, “Crazy person”. They asked if I knew the guy on the bridge. Oh yes! I told them that I have known the GG since forever. I did not tell them about the time the Twinz of Terror threw eggs off the railroad bridge near their home in Royal Oak and managed to egg their dad’s car.

I do not recommend walking across railroad bridges when trains are coming along, even though there is ample space on that bridge to hang out beside the tracks.

And I am so sorry that I do not have a pic of the oncoming train or the GG on the railroad bridge. I was freaked out and he was trying to talk to me or whatever. So you get this Rabbit Mouse pic instead.

2 Responses to “Looking for something else, I found this.”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I would freak out too. My grandfather lost a leg to a train by being where he wasn’t supposed to be. I would find it fascinating to read about your mother’s morph from a Republican to an Obama voter. 🙂

  2. Jay Says:

    Too bad there was not an undiscovered roll of film to rediscover.