Good Sunday

I actually have an issue with the phrase “Good Sunday” but it *was* a pretty darn good Sunday, so…

I did my regular Skunk Walk this morning and then I cooked a somewhat reasonable facsimile of the Little Boots Diner’s “Smokin’ Gun Quesadilla”. Except that I sorta burned one tortilla. It tasted pretty good *anyway* but I crave the Little Boots Diner’s superior version. It was a gorgeous morning and we were kind of slodging around for a while. I would normally have been dragging the GG out for a hike somewhere but I have put the kibosh on him walking anywhere for a few days. Not because of the Train Incident. Finally I rather passive-aggressively said something like, “Well, whaddya wanna do?” He suggested REI. Uh, no thanks. I love REI but I last about a quarter of the time the GG is willing to spend in there and it was Sunday and did I mention it was gorgeous? I suggested that we go for a Glacial Moraine Ride and then he could go to REI and I could go fill up the Ninja and get some needful things at the Jackson Road Meijer.

A Glacial Moraine Ride turned out to be a great idea although if I could change anything, it would be that we would’ve hustled outta here earlier. Here we are watching the aftermath of a Goose Fight from the Foster Road Bridge. I didn’t get the action on camera. Geese were swooping down and skidding to ice landings. In the end, this goose couple remained. We don’t know if the Mallard Duck in the open water was tuned in to all the action or not.


From the Foster Road Bridge, we wound our way through the back roads north and west of The Planet Ann Arbor. Turning a corner near Webster Church, we encountered these loverly beasties. We stopped the car and one by one llamas began to amble over and check us out. Did they think we might offer them food? I’ll bet other people do. Being meeeee, I was wondering how far they could spit and if I was far enough away that their spit wouldn’t reach my face. (Mouse, of course, wants one in the Landfill back yard.)


It was a wondrous ride and then we managed to while away the day… I went to get gas and Meijer type stuff and, as I was driving up our street, the GG was leaving for REI. We were waiting for the best part of the day, which was when Lizard Breath arrived from her home in DayTwa to cook for us. A walk to the Plum Market was definitely involved (we have so much fun there) and now we she is doing her thing. I’m repeating myself but her grandma taught her how to chop veggies when she was only three. Her hands are not really purple!


Can you guess what we are eating tonight?


I’m loving having a responsible adult child living close enough to me to come over and cook dinner on Sunday. Or I can cook. Or whatever. I do NOT expect her to come around every darn Sunday. I don’t EVER want her to drive over here through ice and snow. It’s just nice that she can be here when she wants to visit us and the weather is good and it was beautiful today and I am most happy that my kids seem to *want* to visit me. Love.

And love y’all, KW

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Ashley loves to cook and is great at it, but why does she have to be so far away? 🙁 Is it homemade pizza? Tortillas? Alison has dragged me to the REI in Bellingham several times; there is very little there that I want/need since I’m not an outdoorsy type. (and already have more than enough camping gear)