Remind me to take down unplug the xmas lights


It’s the first day of spring after all (and the new moon). It actually feels a bit spring-like, unlike some past [frigid] first days of spring I have endured. I used to get really annoyed when it would be *May* (i.e., well into spring) and The Commander would make me wear a jacket. “It isn’t spring until the ice is out of the St. Marys River!” she would sing. Yeah.

Hey, did y’all know that there is another St. Marys River on the border of Georgia and Florida? Who knew? I did not, until now, thanks to The Google. If I had known that when I was a kid, you can bet I would’ve been harassing The Comm that the ice was *certainly* out of the St. Marys so I didn’t need a jacket. And she’d’ve given up by about then and I’d’ve gone out and frozen to death.

I don’t have much more. I don’t know exactly why but it was a pretty long drag of a week and I am really tired tonight. The GG is off post-holing around the Great White North so Mouse and I hoofed it down to the Jolly Pumpkin and there she is climbing the old spiderweb on our way home. Needed my family today and glad my mouse was willing to spend some time with her baggy old moom.

I am done done done done for the night. Stick a fork in me.

Hey, some good news for once? Things are growing in Mouse’s garden! Photos tomorrow maybe? We’ll see. Pick-up Sticks is on my list of chores for the weekend, so I’ll be outside. The yard-waste compost truck will start coming around again soon and that means I can throw all of my Meat Scraps into it. As a small child, I once called The Commander a Meat Scrap. I was mad at her about something and, if I have it right, I was only repeating what my grandmother occasionally called their dog Rags when he was misbehaving or whatever.

3 Responses to “Remind me to take down unplug the xmas lights”

  1. Sam Says:

    As you get near the mouth of the St. Mary’s (non-UP version), the air often reeks because of nearby paper mills, ick.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Been a tiring week for me as well and I’ll be heading to bed soon. I’m trying to wait until at least 9 o’clock! Glad you could spend some time with Mouse. I love spring!

  3. Jay Says:

    I thought the dog was Rags, and Grandma once called Harry Rags.