Three steps forward, two steps back

logfortToday’s fling? Nothing, nada, nil. Maybe a few bits of garbage / recycling / compost but that’s just regular housekeeping stuff. But I *did* get a wee bit of yard work done! Yay for [almost] no snow! [A few teensy tinesy little rotting piles here and there.] And I got my house back together after a few weeks of relative disorder. That mainly means that I de-cluttered and vacuumed The Back Room. I did not clean out the faaaarplace. I don’t think we’re quiiiite done with that yet. I also made a few (yes, a few) grokkery runs and washed the poor little mud / salt-crusted Ninja and re-upped both vee-hicular license plates plus a few little internet shopping tasks, some of which are secret [but not the new shower curtain liner but that’s not at all exciting]. Why is it that I feel like I am wasting time buying things that I actually *need* on the Internet? It probably took me five minutes to find the shower curtain liner that I wanted online and buy it. A trip to Bed Bath & Beyond to get the identical item would be a half-hour trip across town on a good day, then a meander through the store to find the item, etc., etc., etc.

The pic is me and a couple of my cuzzints (and visiting friend Becky Springer, I think) hanging out on a fort we built out of the pulp logs that used to float up on the moominbeach a billion years ago. I was meandering around the internet last night and mentioned two St. Marys Rivers. The reason I googled St. Marys in the first place is because I can never remember whether there is an apostrophe in my childhood St. Marys River or not (no, but it’s complicated). Apparently (via BFF’s comment) the Fla St. Marys (apostrophe or not? not sure) has paper mills and is therefore stinky. Yes! We had paper mills on the Canuckian side of our St. Marys River too. Abitibi! Many times the air stunk to high heaven of sulphur in my southside Sault Ste. Siberia neighborhood. We didn’t get the stench at the moominbeach. Instead, we got pulp logs that escaped the booms as they were being transported downstream to Abitibi. So we used those logs to create things like forts and Beer Lunch Tables and the simple climbing structure my dad made for us in the back yard of the moomincabin. The Bars. As simple The Bars were, we spent a lot of time playing on them. Alas, not sure I have a pic of that structure.

My Mouse didn’t quiiiite finish the laundry she brought over last night so she is back again after working all day and we are cooking dinner.

Good night, KW

One Response to “Three steps forward, two steps back”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Yard work and house work definitely count in the accomplishment category. I’ve been working on laundry because I need to keep up on it for Korea. (or I won’t have enough pairs of clean underwear!) I’m doing more and more on-line shopping; it was invaluable for my bathroom remodel because I could look at dimensions for specific mirrors and light bars, instead of having to actually measure them at the store. (and the choices are way better on line!) Mom and I went shopping for a longer lamp shade and I somehow ended up with a bigger 70% off Liz Claiborne suitcase for my trip. Now that I have it home, I’m wondering how I expected to fit my stuff in the small suitcase I was intending to take! I’m already loaded with food and coffee.I also nearly bought some pretty towels for the downstairs bathroom. Going to an actual store can be EXPENSIVE.