Friday night lights

lightsI don’t have much today. It’s Wednesday and I have two minds about this particular Wednesday. 1) It’s Wednesday already? 2) How soon will the weekend come? My confusion escalated when I was throwing some stuff in the recycle cart and thinking, “Do I have to wheel this thing out tonight? Oh no, that’s tomorrow night.” A day in the life of The Queen of Recycling. Except that I am *sure* I am not the QOR, here on The Planet Ann Arbor or anywhere. I am a contender though.

The weather gods threatened us with freezing rain in the early hours. I was kind of thinking something like, “Whatever.” When I got up at 0-skunk-30 and looked out the front door, our vee-hickles seemed to be covered with an ice-like substance. It was 34 degrees in my driveway. I made an experimental trip outside to see if the driveway was slippery. It wasn’t and the stuff on zee veeensheeelds seemed to be melty. So I set off on my Skunk Walk. Without YakTrax. It was okay (I mean not slippery) 99.9999% of the time. Except for a couple of spots including the sidewalk from the backside of the school to my neighborhood.

Fortunately, significant rain didn’t start until I got home but there was enough during my Skunk Walk that I got a little bit wet and so I put my black polartech jacked jacket into the dryer for a bit to at least warm it up. It was loverly to put on a warm jacket for the drive to work but… Alas… At the end of the day, when the temperature rose to 50, the zipper on that beloved jacked jacket broke pretty much for good so, when I got home from the Plum, I got on the Internet and ordered a new one. I hope I like it as much as the one I already own. I own several other of those jackets but this one is BLACK, which means I can get away with wearing it with bizcaz (not that anyone I work with would notice or care) and, more importantly, I can be invisible in the dark… [insert spooky music here]

I guess I am done (done done done) here for tonight. I am looking for a return to common sense in general. Take that anyway you want to, whichever of my nine Reglear Nucular Taggers you are. Love y’all. KW.

One Response to “Friday night lights”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Rain is progress, right? Winter is losing its grip! Common sense is not very common. Not from what I’m reading anyway.