Cosmic debris

spaceDon’tcha love all of these moons and stars and suns and planets (ringed or not) all squashed up together? It kind of reminds me of the Twilight show that we watched back in the bleak mid-winter. I’m glad I got this crappy photoooo of this cosmos because it doesn’t exist any more. It fell victim to rain / ice here on The Planet Ann Arbor. We needed the rain (but not the ice, grrr).

Some hopscotch games have replaced the cosmos. I have never understood how most kids draw hopscotch games. I didn’t even understand it when I was a kid! My hopscotch games had big squares where you could easily land your foot with plenty of room to spare. I drew pretty darn perfect shapes and I was pretty darn good at hopscotch (what an accomplishment [wink]). Other kids (including the wonderful 2015 Haisley kids) make hopscotch games with teensy tinesy mis-shapen squares that wiggle and waggle around up to whatever number they get up to. 25? Ooookaaay. My childhood hopscotch games looked like the one in this post except that I had two single squares (9 and 10) before the ciel (sky) as opposed to the terra (earth).

hopscotchThinking back, it was probably my two neighborhood kid-sitters and benevolent mentors, Bobbie McGinnis and Connie Malette, who taught me how to make a proper hopscotch game on the sidewalk. Being a bit OCD (although nowadays I FORCE that crap back into the shadows where it BELONGS!) and emulating my older friends, my games were pretty darn perfect.

If I had made a cosmos pic with chalk way back at Stinkin’ Lincoln, the planets would’ve been all lined up in a row, asteroid belt and any known moons included. Scale be damned and Pluto would definitely be included. (It still is for me [grin].) I spent a lot of time perusing the parents fancy new National Geographic atlas, which included the solar system. Thinking back, I know that they bought that thing despite the price because they knew how much time I spent with their old dictionary-sized atlas. [I hope that old atlas is around somewhere but not sure. The Comm spent a lot of time in the last six years of her life getting rid of stuff she didn’t want to saddle me with and that’s okay.]

Anyway, I can’t remember having chalk available to make games or pictures of anything at school. Maybe it was there but when I went out for recess, I made heavy use out of the [dangereuse] playground equipment (including the nine-foot slide) and played 1-2-3 O-LaryLeary with GOLF BALLS! And for a while, a few of us pretended we were the nurses of the “Calfory” (cavalry) when the, uh, boys played cowboys and injuns or whatever.

Wish I had pics of all that stuff. Alas…

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I did the squares too but I love that French one with sky and earth!