When Bad TV isn’t enough to alleviate the stresses of everyday life…

I am getting so sick of seeing these particular xmas decorations every morning. This cute snowman is one of five or six similar decorations. I’ve lost count.


I am a HUUUUGE live and let live type person. If you were my neighbor, you’d have to be shooting at me or something to make me call the poleese or sue you or whatever. Noise and trash and cars in the street do not bother me all that much. These people normally leave their xmas decorations out until March and that’s okay. But usually they change over to Easter bunnies a few weeks before Easter. This year not so much. I’m wondering if they’re okay. It’s an elderly couple with an unmarried daughter living next door, as near as I can figger. Did someone die? I’m not sure. Lights are on in both houses when I walk by (early) and the daughter walks a dog and there was a snowplow guy there this winter. Hoarders? I do not know.

Anyway, I was talking about hopscotch yesterday and here is one of the more creative hopscotch grids over at Haisley. I am not sure what those curvy lines are but I kind of love this, as I do the long pink one that crosses over the Sky at the top. I think it goes up to something like 25. Hopscotch Art!


I was walking downtown completely bundled up with tights and leggings under my skirt and my new Smartwool balaclava underneath my bomber hat. That was a good thing since we were getting hit with snow squalls like this.


A number of blocks later I encountered this urban sugar bush. These things are all over the west side this “spring”. I don’t have any sugar maples so I guess I’ll be lazy and buy from Besteman’s garage. Hopefully not getting anyone out of the shower. Eek.


Oscar Tango arrival was so sweet tonight. Fun and friends and I hope we didn’t embarrass our daughter too much. The one who was there separately from us. Gleep.


Beautiful walk home under a clear, UN-snow-squally twilight sky, looking at Jupiter, Venus, and our own beautiful moon, first quarter today, aka, the half moon.

G’night, KW

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