Monday, Monday, or Quiz? What Quiz?

Charlie wrote, “I still have to take the quiz for Usability!” and I jumped about two feet. Quiz? What quiz? I knew there was a quiz sometime during the semester. I remembered the instructor saying it was something like six points. Somehow I totally missed that it had to be taken by 9 AM October 31st. That’s tomorrow. I took it this afternoon. It was indeed six points. I answered all the questions and hit the submit button. Bam! Blackboard slapped me in the face with one wrong answer. I had overthought a question. “Overthought” is a big buzzword around here this fall. It’s just another excuse. It means something like, “I was too smart for my own damn good and I didn’t just go with my gut feeling.” Oh well. Six points is pretty measly. Now, if I can just get Deliverable 3 done by next week.

Mondays are pretty long, hard days. I go hucklety-buck to get over to WCC in time to “chillax” a bit before class. Mouse, I got that word from a friend of mine, one who’s my age. Just turn off your ears, okay? Anyway, when I arrived this morning, I was covered in burrs. Not sure exactly where I picked those up. Must’ve been in the woods. At least I didn’t have to chop a whole bunch of hair off to get them out this time.

My morning class, like all of my classes, is three hours. My team consists of five lively, sometimes rather contentious discussers and even on a quiet day, I feel like my brain is ready to explode at the end of class. A lecture on php forms today may have dampened the talk a bit but that’s only because it filled our brains up to the brim. I eat lunch with Sandy and then head hucklety-buck home for a couple hours, just long enough to double-check and print my database homework. Head back over here to “chillax” again and review for the weekly quiz in database. That commences another three hours of getting an overload of information pounded into my head. (And we basically did the same thing with Coldfusion in class tonight as we did in php this morning. My brain doesn’t actually hurt. Too much… Yet…)

Mouse, I promise I won’t make “chillax” a working part of my vocabulary. “Overthink” you may have to put up with. 😉

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