“It’s Gonna Be Low Tonight”

So said Luke of Perrynet as he put the finishing touches on his Halloween decorations. I can never predict how many trick-or-treaters or shoe-on-ers or whatever we’re going to get. Last year Luke counted 21. We’ll see. I don’t really care. I’m not really into it this year. I’ve got candy to hand out and the GG has done a bit of decorating. But I’ve already had one little haunted house episode this month and that was more than enough. Anyway…

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A fellow blogger posted a link to an A2 Snooze article about “proactive parenting approaches” to dealing with excessive amounts of Halloween candy. (Note that I didn’t call Ms. Nall a “blahgger.” That’s because she’s a *real* writer, not just a random blatherer like yours truly. And, incidentally, she’s also a friend of Sam the Archaeologist and jcb.) grok grok. Hey, quitcher blatherin’ ‘n’ take me out fer Shoe On! Grok grok. (Shut up Froggy.) Sorry about that.

I’m sorry, but give me a break. I dunno why the A2 Snooze never seems to bother interviewing *me* about any of this stuff. Since they didn’t, I guess I’ll just have to write my own little article and post it on my own little blahg.

Halloween candy control at The Landfill:

  • The kids would go out and collect all kinds of candy and crap.
  • They’d come home totally exhausted and usually cold and wet (hey, this is Michigan).
  • They’d empty their loot out on the floor and get down to the business of sorting it out, like Tiger Mouse is doing in the picture.
  • They would eat whatever they wanted pretty much *whenever* they wanted it over the next few days.
  • They would lose interest and the bags of candy would subside into the shambling mounds residing in their bedrooms.
  • Eventually, I would dredge it up out of the shambling mounds and move it to another location, most likely up on top of the cupboard where the liquor is.
  • Around about Easter, I’d get onto another cleaning rampage (those were the days) and I’d stumble upon the by-then stale Halloween candy and THROW IT OUT.
  • Nobody knew. Nobody cared.

Honest to Pete, do we have to outlaw every single last little childhood pleasure in the name of perceived safety threats, healthy eating habits and following some lamely conceived family rules? Kee-reist!

I dunno how many kids we’ll get tonight. I’m feeling pretty ho-hum about the whole thing. grok grok. Hurry up! I wanna git ou’ there! grok grok Never mind him. I would not want my adult children living back here, I am happy they are growing up and moving away and being independent. But sometimes I do miss the old *times* and I guess this is one of them.

Trick ‘r’ Treat!!! Or Shoe On! Whatever you celebrate, have a good Halloween! Spooky but not too spooky.

And at 6:02, we’ve already had four customers! We may not run out of candy but whatever is left, I can always send to Kalamazoo. Maybe the football team’ll eat it.

7 Responses to ““It’s Gonna Be Low Tonight””

  1. Bob Says:

    One of the best Mouse/Liz pictures of all time for sure.

  2. Sam Says:

    Out here in the hinterlands of NM, we have seen nary a Halloweener, or even evidence that today is Halloween. To compensate, I shot several photos of dead trees standing tall, calling them skeletons.

  3. kayak woman Says:

    One of the best Mouse/Liz pictures of all time for sure.

    Yeah, one would think they didn’t ever fight or anything.

  4. jane Says:

    I did not read the article in the paper about how to properly parse (or not as the case may be) Halloween candy to your kids. my resasons are as follows:
    a) I don’t have kids and don’t need to care about Halloween candy, except to buy it and take it to an annual party I go to in Chelsea, where there are tons of kids out and about.
    b) If I were a parent I think I would specifically allow my kids to over indulge in candy when they were about 7, thus allowing them to suffer the effects of over indulging and thereby teaching them a valuable life lesson. Perhaps I would be a good parent, perhaps not. We’ll just never know. 😉
    c) I just don’t care!

  5. Webmomster Says:

    Up until a couple years ago, we’d had a habit of inspecting the collected candy, just to ensure there was no “funny business”. Then, the teens started getting together and it kind of became a sort of party to go out Trick or Treating as a group, then come back to the house and cluster into the front lower room to trade candy (and throw it at each other…). And unwrap the toilet paper from around Todd, who went out as a mummy… 😀

    This year, with The Mummy away at college, the party never materialized. Nook decided to not T-or-T, I had band rehearsal. Deal was made that Nook could have a buddy over to help with the goblins and beggars so I could go to band. Turns out the traffic dried up not long after I left, so they were able to go out for coffee.

    Got the coolest “give-aways” this year!! Found a bowl containing 45 teeny cans of Play-Doh *just for Halloween*!!! That was a huge hit with the younger kids! (the big kids got candy)

  6. mouse Says:

    uhm, the football team?? excuse me, but i don’t know anyone on the football team. i don’t even know who is *on* the football team. i’m sure they’re all perfectly nice, but no thank you. some of us have spinning wheels to keep up with on the weekends…

  7. kayak woman Says:

    Mouse, I’m just messin’ with yer mind! :mrgreen: