down down down

First day I’ve missed since summer ’03. Down down down. Really. I was talking on the phone to The Commander last night. We discussed all the usual subjects that people talk to their mothers about. You know, black holes and universes and the big bang theory and ugly old witches in big old ditches. All that stuff. I got off the phone and was half-way through writing a blahg entry and kaboom. Just my host server this time though. No need for anyone to haunt my house again. To my surprise, I found that times are getting better and web geeks are actually thinking about their customers these days. Novel idea, eh? They had managed to get one page up with — drum roll — a PHONE NUMBER!!! Which I called and got a message saying they were having difficulties. I honestly appreciated that. Back in the old days, you’d just be in limbo and if you did get through on the phone, you’d get some troll. I gave up for the night and went to bed. Homework day. Maybe more later. Maybe not.

Procrastination: For those who daydream of black holes and universes et al, Tomorrowland, which I found via Biblioklept, has an entry today about the fourth dimension. Now, I gottago.

3 Responses to “down down down”

  1. webmomster Says:

    yo! I missed last night, too. Couldn’t get to my blog, couldn’t get to your blahg, but I *could* get to Mouse’s and Nook’s (OMG, she updated a few days back!!).

    My “cliffsvic” email addresses (yes, plural) were not downloading.

    However, I did not get that page noting the “difficulties” – didn’t have the patience to wait for the site to not show up, so found other stuff to waste my time on.


  2. kayak woman Says:

    Well, Pengo is on the wordpress site, I think. And I put Mouse on a different server than the one I’m on. Was gonna switch ababsurdo too but ran into difficulties, mainly that people have email out on the server that they needed to migrate but they are perennially too busy to do it. Oh, the joys of being a webmaster/systems administrator. It’s okay, purehost is actually pretty stable and I got them to drop the price a while back.

  3. webmomster Says:

    yah, that’s how I’d figgered that it was just purehost that had crashed… and not my internet connection!!

    *what a day*

    is it the weekend yet????