Blatant Materialism

You guys are so lucky, you get me twice today. To make up for my failure to post yesterday. Grok grokk. Whaddya mean? We were GLAD ya didn’ post yesterday. We needed a brake. grok grok. Froog, get off my blahg. Anyway, since we seem to have crossed the line into winter, what you are gonna get is my xmas list. Certain people are always asking. You know who you are. So I’m gonna tell you what I need. And since my blasted birthday comes all too soon after xmas, some of this junk could be left for then.

  • Memory for my decrepit old electronical contraption. I am getting sick and tired of watching that ball spin.
  • A new digital camera. There’s nothing wrong with my old one. It’s just old. In fact, I think it’s about as old as my decrepit old electronical contraption. I have another plan for it, if it works out. Don’t go too crazy and spend too much.
  • A backup hard drive for *me* to back up my *own* personal decrepit old electronical contraption. Because if I had my own backup drive and didn’t have to rummage around for one, I’d probably actually back my decrepit old electronic contraption up once in a while. Living dangereuse-ly around here.

I do not want clothing, I like to pick out my own. I have more than enough vacuum cleaners. Gay, do you need one? I do not need kitchen toys. If my kitchen has to absorb one more kitchen toy, it will explode. Well, except for a backup drive, maybe.

2 Responses to “Blatant Materialism”

  1. Sam Says:

    I’m enjoying contemplating YOU with a “brake”—heehee!—much easier than Froogy with a “brake!”

  2. Bob Says:

    Gay does not need a vacume but Chevy could use one if ya have a spare.