Breakfast, Bank, Gas, Groceries, Post Office

restaurantfire.jpgThree out of five ain’t bad. Maybe I’ll get the other two done later today, we’ll see. Right now the bank and the gas station are closed.

I was bumbling around the house this morning, getting a bunch of stuff ready so I could get down to Cafe Zola by 8 for breakfast with Elena. Checks to deposit, grocery list, things to mail, debit card handy so I could get gas. There were a lot of sirens. I didn’t pay much attention. There are always sirens around here. Maybe this was a little more than usual but I didn’t think about it much.

As I drove down the street, I was busy fumbling around with my frozen windows, craning my neck to just the right position to see around the ice on my windshield, and rummaging for the ice scraper that I thought I was too lazy to remove from my vee-hickle last spring. I was about to turn south onto N. Maple. It was awfully dark looking down there. My first thought was “snow squall coming up from the southwest.” Then I saw all the flashing lights and realized that the big dark cloud was SMOKE! In Maple Village. Was it National City? It sure looked that way at first. “There goes my bank,” I thought mournfully.

But it was the Chinese Restaurant next door to the bank. On the other side of the restaurant is my usual gas station. The restaurant now looks like a total loss. It’s a bad picture. That’s about the closest I could get and the fire was out by then. I didn’t have my cam with me earlier. News trucks were also out there, so I bet the Snooze’ll have a pic. Never a dull moment.

Update: no pic but here’s what the Snooze has to say.

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