Political Blahg?

Er, probably not. I’ve been sitting around here all day working on a 50-plus page report amidst an eddy of political blather from various participants in an informal, loosely organized friends-and-family type email group. Probably one of the most interesting things posted was a picture of a class of Beltway first-graders smiling for the camera with their cute little Clinton-esque faces. Another shining example of things you can do with Photoshop but probably shouldn’t. 😉 I’d post it here but I don’t know who created it and therefore can’t credit them or obtain their permission.

Y’all do not want to know my political opinions. I am an “independent.” I see issues in 24-bit color, not black and white. It’s those extra rods and cones, y’know? 😉 And people are people. We all have our strong and weak points. If you want to limit the discussion to who should be the next president of the United States — and I *know* that’s not the immediate issue — I believe that somewhere in the universe[s] there is an entity who is eligible for the job. On the planet Zephron III, maybe? ‘course he/she/it/whatever wouldn’t be eligible, having not been born (or whatever) in the USA.

Today, I worked via email all day with a partner in a neighboring town to kluge together a 50-some page report: “User Task Analyses & Storyboards and Style Guide” for a site that I won’t name until we’re finished with the project and have our grade. Tools of choice were Word and Illustrator. At the end of the day, we told each other to quit and have a fun evening. What did y’all do today? And do you know who you’re gonna vote for on Tuesday?

10 Responses to “Political Blahg?”

  1. Webmomster Says:

    Today’s activities? Up at 6:30-ish, breakfast, coffee, pull stuff together, load DGSLD, Jimmy John’s not open yet, Kroger, high school parking lot before 10AM. Group gathers, sorts themselves into vee-hicles. Blast down/over to Michigan International Speedway. Freeze our patooties off for hours. Race! Yay Team! Leave, sort back into various vee-hickles. 3 vee-hickles go to A2 for “Old Country Buffet”. 2 vee-hickles go to “The Golden Nugget” (the better choice, by far – got REAL food, not stuff everybody else sneezed over or stuck their grimy fingers into). Home about 7:30-ish. Happy dawgs! Delayer and unload DGSLD. Veg’ with powerbook and dawgs.

    Who’m I voting for? Dunno. That’s my homework this weekend (assuming there’s time). Political ads are just negatory noise and NO help – definitely nothing educational about political ads. But, that’s an old ditty of mine – oft used and well-worn.

  2. Isa Says:

    trip to the corner store across the street for milk, breakfast with jessie, phone call with colleen, birthday present shopping for elizabeth and tuck in the mission in sf, quick visit with / pick-up of jessie’s bike from a friend of ours in the city, bart ride to berkeley, awesome bike ride home from the bart (i want a bike!!!) tea, dinner, a couple catch-up phone calls (with mouse, among others) and reading “fierce invalids home from hot climates” by tom robbins. radio in the morning!!

    i wish i was voting next week.

  3. frooogy Says:

    grok grok. Wha’ kind o’ bike? grok grok. ‘n’ does th’ Ol’ Country Buffay have flea ‘n’ fly cassaroll? grok grok grok.

  4. Webmomster Says:

    Bikes. I still have Jimbo’s ol’ black Schwinn Cruiser with the folding side basket(s) (can’t remember if one or two) – if y’all want that (altho it could be a challenge to get it to the Left Coast from here… :-/ )

    Ol’ Country Buffay – dunno about flea-n-fly cassaroll – never been to one! Just the thought of paying to pick out my own food that’s been sitting fully exposed on steam tables for who-knows-how-long is, um, “daunting”.

  5. Pooh Says:

    Bike?? I have a hybrid bicycle which is quite heavy, but sturdy, compared to the hand-me-down road bike I got from Mark the gear-head. Again transporting a bike to San Fran from here is interesting.

    However, we are planning to go to A2 sometime over Xmas break, so if you’re interested, we could bring the bike with us to Michigan. Alternatively, Chris Axe is just a couple of hours down the road from you in Monterey, and could probably put you in touch w/ the biking community there. I don’t think you could ride one of Chris’s bikes, unless that ocean air has caused you to grow a lot.

  6. Isa Says:

    wow, i’m amazed at all of hte bike responses. jess got a road bike from craigslist…. it’s a peugeot bike and is sufficiently “cool” looking for us (you know, 70s paint job or something =) i’m thinking i’ll look around craigslist. berkeley is incredibly bike friendly (i.e. bike boulevards absolutely everywhere) and tons of people bike here so i should be able to come up with something… i think the logistics of getting a bike here from elsewhere are just too complicated.

    and i’m thinking i’ll be in ann arbor from round about christmas eve until about new years day or so… so you all should come sometime when i will be there =) say hello to my cousins, aunt karen and pooh!! my radio show broadcasts through monterey!

    froggy, please stay away from old country buffet… i feel nothing good could possibly come of your frequenting that particular eating establishment.

  7. Valdemort Says:

    I park next to a Peugot bike in the front Yakeley bike lot! Those ARE really nice – I’m considering finding a good used Peugot road bike when I’m outta college and have more time for speed-biking around whatever town I end up in.

    The Schwinn we have is nice, but it only has two gears, and I’m not totally sure how that system works. Also, it’s worth $$$$ – from what Dad implied a few years back, it’s of a rather desirable era for bike collectors. I’m not sure you’d want something like that getting stolen from you, especially in such a bike-friendly area.

    Okay, back to studying.

  8. Valdemort Says:

    [Addendum to above: I don’t think any of us are irresponsible with regards to bikes; it’s the unpredictable masses I worry about. Same issue with driving.]

  9. Webmomster Says:

    um, I *think* it’s a 3-speed hub – one of those you have to kick-back to shift, or some such thing. Actually, it’s not a good bike to “hand-me-down”, as he had to custom re-build that hub with parts he scrounged from Steffans’ Hardware a number of years back (yeah, amazing how much really OLD Schwinn bits were still in the cubbies all over that store!!!) – so maintenance is an issue. Not to forget, that thing weighs a bazillion pounds, so it’d be a pain to try to bike UP hills!! (and a fortune to ship).

    but, hey, thought I’d try!!

  10. Isa Says:

    many thanks karen, the attempt is appreciated =)