Beer Goggles in the morning

multimeterMonday Thursday Coffee at Zola Barry Bagels… Broke my neck getting out the doggamn door and schlepped my bedraggled self over there right at 8:00 AM, the appointed meeting time for me and my main Planet Ann Arbor Gossip Club. Noticed outta the corner of my eye a “young” (50 maybe?) guy in a Suit heading for the door. He was only on my radar screen because I wanted to beat him to the door, which wasn’t all that hard to do because I am a FAST walker.

Standing in line waiting to order my usual “medium house coffee to go”, my walking-to-the-door competitor approached me to ask, in an unsettlingly flirtatious way, “What is your favorite bagel?” Yes, I was disconcerted! But being a baggy old kayak woman, I recovered a bit and answered, “Tomato basil or pesto, but I’m just ordering coffee today.” I do sometimes get bagels at Barry’s and they are as good as any other bagels but usually a bagel with cream cheese is more breakfast than I need. If he had been anybody else, the mom/systems analyst in me would’ve kicked in. Well, what choices are there and what kinds of things do you like/can eat, etc.? We’d’ve talked. [He ordered blueberry… Blueberry? Pies, yes. Not bagels…]

I wouldn’t have paid any more attention to this weird little encounter at all except that after I got my coffee, I went back to grab a [non-tippy] table and sit down at it — alone because MMCB were not there yet. He was still up at the counter and was kind of looking in my direction. Like, she’s alone? Yeek. I grabbed my iPhone, pulled up the xword, and made like I was working. Fortunately, within minutes, MMCB came in the door.

I’m sure I am exaggerating this person’s un-asked-for attention. I’ll bet he’s just an Extrovert. Still, it made me think a bit. If the GG were to get hit by a Beer Truck Train any time soon, I would not want to start a relationship with somebody who can’t even beat me to the Barry Bagels door. Nope. I need a guy who is dedicated to hiking far enough that I occasionally have to rein him in. Like after 17 miles or whatever. Har har har.

Houghton Lake or Bust this weekend. It’s been a while!

2 Responses to “Beer Goggles in the morning”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It’s really awkward to be single and never quite sure of men’s intentions. I think that most of them are just being friendly! On the other hand, assuming that could turn into an even more awkward situation. ­čÖé

  2. Sam Says:

    Travel safely├óÔéČ┬Žinto the wild!