The North Shall Rise Again! (Someday)

HLoutI have not been here at the Houghton Lake Group Home since early November. I do not know why. I work. It was winter. I hate snow driving. We had a lot of that over the winter. If you live in the Great Lake State, you try your best to take whatever vacay time you have in the summer when the weather is [sometimes] nice. That is about it.

I have to laugh. Someone who will not be named actually suggested that I do not work [to earn my own income]. “You just do yer blahg.” I think he is a bit behind the times because I am going on eight years at my current career but, given the loverly source, I cannot bring myself to be insulted. I do kind of miss the days when I was not gainfully employed and we could drive Up North (and back) when everyone else on earth was not also driving. Those were the days but I’ll take the dern money I earn these days.

Our lovely lizard is joining us this weekend and we had Bar Food at the Northshore tonight. The ‘hattans were a bit weird and the waitress said (at first) that there was no red whine there. I knew that there was because I have ordered it at the tiki bar a few times. Lo and behold, yes there was. It’s okay. We were well taken care of and a few of us are glad that you can still go to a barrrooom somewhere in the USA that doesn’t promote itself based on craft beer and fancy cocktails. On the other hand, we were offered free samples of homemade smoked fish and invited back for more of that tomorrow during the basketball finals(?). Doubt that we’ll be there for that but it was appreciated.

It was probably a half hour after I got here that I looked out at the lake and realized that it was still iced over. The GG thinks that there will be ice fishermen out there in the morning. I disagree. I think this ice is very dangerous and will probably disintegrate within days and I think that the area ice fishermen know that. It’s April.

And so, it is a bit smelly here and some people are talking about dog eggs and others are arguing that dogs, being mammals, do not lay eggs. If you are one of my nine reglear nucular taggers, you may be able to guess which “side” I am on about this. The dog was let out, the smell has dissipated (or maybe not, he’s going out again), and now we are futzing with the doggamn TV.

Lunar eclipse tomorrow morning. Not sure if we’ll see it or not.


One Response to “The North Shall Rise Again! (Someday)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Dogs lay a certain KIND of egg. 😉 I love craft beers, but hate fancy cocktails, especially their price.