Bar rar rar

I did get to see the partial lunar eclipse this morning! Yay for me. I woke up Lizard Breath (with her explicit permission) so she could see it too. The GG got up to visit the Water Closet. I have to admit that I am astronomically challenged enough that I looked out windows in every direction *except* where the moon was setting before I finally realized that it was happening out the upstairs water closet window. That window is behind the terlet, so the GG probably got the best view while on his Pbreak. A few minutes later, when I stepped into the shower, the eclipse was still visible. When I got out of the shower, it was too light and/or the moon was below the buildings and trees to the west.

I had the honor of taking Sunny the dog along on my morning walk. No dog eggs, although he squatted for a minute in one yard. I didn’t have a baggie and I didn’t look. This isn’t The Planet Ann Arbor and almost nobody is up here for this off-season weekend and there is plenty of scat from all kinds of aminals everywhere, so just sue me already. When we returned to the Group Home, Mr. Golden Sun was up and about in fine form.


And… Breakfast at Little Boots! Smokin’ Gun Quesadilla for me with a box to take a third of it home. Wish I was brave enough to take (and post) a pic of our fave waitress. Next time I think I will at least take a pic of my breakfast.


12 miles on the Mason Tract DNR trail this afternoon! The forests in the Great Lake State are beautiful at this time of the year but not necessarily very photogenic, at least not if you are strictly an amateur iPhoneographer. But there was this:


What is it? It is frozen sap! It is dripping from a big old tree that tried to fall down sometime last year (or thereabouts). Several of the trees across the trail caught it and so it leans rather precariously across the trail. Or at least it looks that way.

Or last stop was the Best Choice Market to get some stuff for dinner and a simple breakfast tomorrow. Nobody can figure out how we ended up with two packages of Zotz.


The title? We had the satty-lite radio 40s station on as we were driving into the Chase Bridge parking lot at the south end of the Mason Tract and it was playing this song (You-Tube link, may start with an ad). Reminded me of sitting in Kennys Pitchen with my ‘rents more than a few years back and my old coot said more about WWII than I think I have ever heard him say, which was something like, “Five o’clock in the morning and Bar rar rar.” As a flight instructor, he spent the war rattling around the American southwest. As I have probably blahgged about umpteen million times, he was at the ready to head over to fly in the South Pacific when our side dropped The Bomb. So he went home “unscathed”. Although he never participated in anything horrific himself, I know he had to live with the fact that he trained pilots who never returned to the states.

Didn’t mean to get off on that depressing tangent though. Anyone want some Zotz? Anyone know what the heck they are?


2 Responses to “Bar rar rar”

  1. Uncly Uncle Says:

    Great pics. Having fun down in Troy but would have loved being at HL. Enjoy the Easter snow.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Zotz!! A blast from the past. 🙂 I know what they are and what they do inside your mouth. Memories are a double edged sword.