Fool Moon Fail


A warm day. A windy day. Cloudy turning into brilliant cloudless skies for my walk downtown to the Oscar Tango tonight. I wore my cute new Warby Parker sunnies, not because I exactly needed them, just because. I packed my backpack but good though. It was warm but this is April and you just don’t ever know. So, polartech jacket, ski band, and glubs. And and and and… Umbrella. Yes. Even though the skies were not cloudy all day the way downtown. Guess what? When we walked out the door at the Oscar Tango, it was raining cats and dogs. Jeebus. I swear that 10 minutes earlier when I was waiting for the Water Closet, it was not raining. We wanted to hang around at Fool Moon tonight. Guess what? We bagged it. We hitched a ride with Porter’s Free Cab Service and then we porterized the Lyme Lounge. Good times. Wish I had bothered to take some pics. It’s way past my bedtime here in EDT Land so G’night!

One Response to “Fool Moon Fail”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I know that changeable weather well. Glad you had a great evening and stayed dry!