Banishing winter from my vocabulary (and house)

First, the obligatory crocus pic. Note to self. Plant a big bunch of crocus bulbs next fall. The existing umpteen gazillion year old bulbs that were here when we bought The Landfill are slowly dying off (or whatever crocus bulbs do). Anyway, not a whole lot of crocus this year but they *are* coming up along with some other things.


Lots of good work done around here today. Yard work (the GG) and storm window removal (the GG) and research into how to replace the glass in our doorwalls instead of installing new ones, which we are both deciding that we don’t want because it would require a carpenter and probably more changes to the Back Room than we want. Plus it would cost something like $8,000 to do two doors. It’s not that we can’t afford that much money, it’s about what value we would get for that money? Sorry about the stream of consciousness stuff.

Me? I did my regular Saturday chores, which are too boring to detail, and cleaned the refrigerator and took a couple walks over to the Plum for grokkeries and prepped food for tonight’s dinner and somewhat beyond. And I worked for 4.5 hours. For my paying job, I mean. And then I steeled myself to flip the faaarplace over to its summer mode. Put all of the unburned wood back on the woodpile, put the the small chunks into the yard waste compost, shoveled out the ashes… You don’t wanna know… It’s really hard to take a good photo of our faaarplace unless it’s dark out and there’s an actual faaar in there. So this is what you get. Gratuitous shots of the GG at his big iMac, the Red Puano, a Cat Mobile that one of the Beach Urchins made, and some of the other funky stuff we live with. Disc drives anyone?


Oh, and then the mail came! I can’t figger this particular postman. He knocked LOUDLY on our door. I went to answer the door and he was nonchalantly putting mail in the box like he must do every day (but we usually aren’t here, does he knock then?). He handed me the mail and I picked up THE BOX ON THE PORCH! Remember when I couldn’t find gochujang sauce for a Korean cooking adventure here a while back? I ordered some from Amazon and we later found it at the Plum (behind a sign) but now I have some gochujang sauce straight from South Korea, courtesy of my internet buddy Margaret! Long story about how we “met” but she (and a couple of others) have become good friends via the internet. I don’t make a lot of friends on the internet (or in life) but there are a few people who haven’t given up on me and Margaret is one of them. Flinger that I am, I will have a hard time flinging these bottles when they are empty.


Last and least, the skies were not cloudy all day but somehow every time I walked anywhere, I remembered that I had forgotten my new sunnies. It was okay. I am not all that bothered by bright sunlight. I dunno if that is a function of spending summers on a beach or not. Not that our particular beach was always bright and sunny. But still. I was happier than I looked when I took the pic.


2 Responses to “Banishing winter from my vocabulary (and house)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It does sound like a productive day; I managed to get my back lawn mowed between squalls and went lampshade shopping with my mom. (boring, but she doesn’t like my too small shade on the family room lamp!) Glad the sauce got there and hope it’s GOOD. It’s the EMart (store) brand, but it was the only one that had English on it. 🙂

  2. Sam Says:

    Hmm. Is that a caribou rack above the faaarplace???? harharhar!!