Maybe they scammed me because I post nude pictures?

nudeI think that this was my favorite puppet at Festifools yesterday, although I LOVED LOVED LOVED all of the little cardboard box robots from 826 Michigan but I couldn’t even begin to get a pitcher of any of those cute robot-box-kiddos from where I was standing. I did get a halfway decent photoooo of this character. Not sure why one of his legs was waaaaay more disconnected from his torso then the other leg but hey this was the Festifool parade and just about anything can (and does) happen. That’s what it’s all about.

So today, facebook friends (including my daughter) posted on my “wall” [or whatever it is] that they had received friend requests from me. If you know me, you know that I have not unfriended ANYONE on my FB friend list EVER. There are a couple of folks that I have hidden posts from but, if you are reading this boring bunch of blather, you are not one of them.

I am not all that concerned that some facebook scammer will steal my identity via this kind of scam. I am more concerned that it will harass my legitimate friends with bogus offers and Grandma Scams, etc. (Grandma, I’m in [name a foreign country] and I need money to [get outta jail, get a flight home, whatever].) Jeebus!

If you have received a facebook friend request from me recently, do not accept it. But please consider reporting it to facebook. And if you have received such a request, I would love it if you would send me a link to the fake profile so I can also report it. Here’s what Facecrooks has to say.

Also, I sure hope Apple has an upgrade to the OS upgrade I installed on my Macbook Pro yesterday because I am getting the damn spinning ball ALL THE TIME. PLUS, my laptop is getting HOT. None of this stuff was happening before that upgrade.

This is a busy busy week. G’night and love y’all!

One Response to “Maybe they scammed me because I post nude pictures?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I will report it since I may (or may not?) have been one of the first ones to notice it. It is a ploy that people use to advertise and not a legit threat to your identity, unless you post your SS number on your site or something. LOL