Dedicated follower of fashion [snort]

tahqYes, I already posted this pic somewhere. I posted it on facebook. It was late Friday night and I was having a sorta Second Wind. I hate when I get a Second Wind late on a Friday night. I prefer to slodge up the hill after dinner, wash my feet or even take a shower if it’s hot enough (or cold enough or rainy enough or I just feel like taking a Damn Second Shower). That wasn’t *exactly* what happened last Friday night. What happened was great fun but then I got a damn Second Wind. And so I was cruising facebook and all kinds of folks were posting Sibling Pics, mostly old photooos of young folks (but not all because there were my MacMu Cuzzints Austin & Neal looking just about as baggy as I do). One of my facebook rules is that I don’t share links, especially links from questionable sources or 5 minute videos where all the action happens at 4:30 (please edit! 30 seconds is long enough). Except sometimes I do share links and sometimes I even post videos and occasionally they are longer than 30 seconds. Another of my internet rules is that I don’t participate in memes, even good ones. Except when I do. And I did last Friday night. I was bored. Deal with it.

This photooo is what I posted. Siblings (KW and The Engineer) and their moom, The Commander. I (and others) called him Jimbo back in those days. Not necessarily the nicest nickname, at least not when it was uttered by my sassy lips. Poor kid. Sorry bro’. I’ll betcha that nickname was much more welcome from Radical Betty and Duke. But hey, we were *siblings* and we had some good times too. I think we were having fun here at Tahquamenon Falls back in the day. It wasn’t all that easy to get to Tahq when I was a kid. If you drove the lake route the entire way, it took all morning to get there, at least that’s how I remember it. It was bumpy old gravel [two-track?] roads then. I have vague memories of when they built a straightened, paved road from Paradise to Tahq, at least I think that’s what I’m remembering — neatly stacked piles of lumber all over along the sides of the road. Tahq is so different nowadays with the paved roads and modern bathrooms and warning signs all over the place. And the brewery. And tourists from all over the world. I don’t know why that fascinates me so much since I have lived and worked my entire adult life amongst people from all over the world. But welcome to all of the folks who come to Tahquamenon Falls from wherever!

Don’t you love my outfit? A skirt over pants. A green fuzzy jacket with a fancy hood that I can actually sorta remember. I probably hated those boots and I’ll bet my feet were cold in them, even though it doesn’t look like it was terribly cold that day. Certainly not as cold as it was when the GG and I went up there for a gorgeous and fun weekend in February. The funny thing is that I still dress a bit lot like that. I’m a bit more careful about matching colors and patterns these days (think lots of black) but I’m not afraid to get a wee bit on the wild side, like yesterday when I went over to the QA area to pick up a printout and everyone noticed (and loved) my PURPLE tights. is where it’s at! I do have a black, sparkly bomber Fargo hat with black fake fur. It is not that different from the green jacket’s hood in the photo and, if you are one of my nine reglear nucular taggers, you have seen it.

This is my blahg, not facebook, so I can break any rule I want here, so here is The Kinks with Dedicated Follower of Fashion. It may start with an ad… But Carnaby Street? So many years ago. Imagine being a teenager in a small northern outpost city and trying to emulate all the cool kids in London (or NYC or LA or SanFran or even my cuzzints in the DayTwa area). Not easy.

Stream-of-consciousness blahg in case anyone doesn’t get the concept. G’night folks!

2 Responses to “Dedicated follower of fashion [snort]”

  1. Sam Says:

    I did my share of skirt-over-pants, too….

  2. Margaret Says:

    I like that fashion you’re wearing and it looks warm and comfortable. I need to scan some photos of my whole family, complete with deceased brothers. I feel bad not including them. Maybe I’ll work on that for TBT.