Spring Green Brown

I unwound this afternoon by ghosting through the schoolyard overhearing the kind of conversations between parents that I remember having back when the Beach Urchins were young. My goal was to end up in “my” woods and so I did. Love that brown color? I actually do. Won’t last long. Early spring flowers are starting to go to town and a few other things are beginning to bud. Forsythia. The Great White North will become more colorful soon.


Remember when “my” woods looked like this back in early February? This was at the end of the second (of two) days (not contiguous) I telecommuted because of weather this winter. I think I logged six weather-related telecommuting days during the 2014 polar vortex winter and there were a number of other days when the commute was so horribilis that I wished I had worked from home. Not sure what value is added to a systems analyst’s work / life when it takes her at least twice as long to get to / from Cubeland than it usually does.


We won’t talk about the Orange Barrel season. It officially began today for me although the impact on my commute was relatively minimal. It’ll get worse but our roads are bad and we need to fix them. I’ll be checking the traffic on Google maps before my commute and taking my usual back road routes when I need to, crossing my fingers that *those* are not snarfed.

P.S. Second pic. Snow. Blue or white? [wink]

One Response to “Spring Green Brown”

  1. Margaret Says:

    HA-is there a dress in the snow? 😉 It’s definitely white with blue shadows. Everything is blooming around here and people with allergies are miserable. I’m thankful not to have any.