Answer yer dern phone, KW

knightsIt started out like any other [Thursday] morning. Got up, took my walk, had a mini-breakfast, packed a lunch, didn’t do my reglear nucular chores because on Thursdays I have to get out a bit earlier than I do when I am heading to my no-clock-punching job because Thursday is [of course] coffee at Barry’s with MMCB(2) so I *don’t* usually do my chores because I have to be somewhere at 8:00, not 8/8:30/9-ish.

So, lots of fun mensch-y type gossip at Barry’s and then I schlepped over to Cubeland. I set up my work laptop and checked my phone while it was faarrin’ up aka getting its daily orders from the Mothership. Missed call and voicemail from an Unknown Number. You know what I do with calls like that, don’t you? I ignore them, mostly. Actually, I google the number before I do anything. 99% of the time, it is some damn spammer. This time? Well, it was a 989 area code and that is the same area code as Houghton Lake and a whole bunch of other places in the Great White North so I kind of wondered if it was actually *not* a scam but some real business or whatever that was actually trying to contact *me*. I mean, if it were somebody looking for a Group Home Owner, they would be calling one of the Twinz of Terror or their sibs, not me. But still.

Well guess what? The Google told me that the missed call number belonged to Central Michigan University’s public radio station, which is definitely in the 989 area code. I am a member of that station. When I canceled The Commander’s subscription after she died, I began my own “legacy” subscription as a sustaining member. CMU radio is available all over the Great White North and we listen to it frequently and love it! As a sustaining member, I pay monthly until forever (or I stop the membership). But why would they be calling me? Had my credit card expired? I didn’t think so.

So I listened to the voicemail message. “This is ‘Sandra’. You have won an iPad Air!” Uhhhhh… … … Won? What? I didn’t even know I had been in the running for winning an iPad Air. I do not usually win things, especially not things like computing musheens. Of course I called back. I was in a drawing because (as a sustaining member) I had donated prior to their current pledge drive. They will be sending me a certificate in the mail and after I sign and return that, they will send me my new musheen. “Will [insert shipping company here] be okay?” Yes it will. In fact, I will track the pkg and telecommute that day to make sure I receive it safely.

Will I actually use it? Errrr, we’ll see. [insert a whole bunch of baggage here about how I already own one of the original iPads and basically gave up on it because I don’t like to deal with more than about two devices…] To be continued…

G’night, KW

P.S. If I *had* actually answered my dern phone, I wouldda been skeptical (except that I didn’t *hear* my phone ring because it was silent and I was driving). Because I did my homework by looking up the number, I am 99.999% certain that this was not some kind of scam.

2 Responses to “Answer yer dern phone, KW”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I never win anything either and would love any kind of iPad, although I do have a tablet, a school laptop, two desktops an ancient MacBook, etc. That’s enough electronics hassle, eh? Congrats on your new “toy!”

  2. Sam Says:

    Congrats, KW! Ask the Guru to show you how to integrate iPad use into your iPhone/laptop world…we swap among the three (plus desktops) all the time. First world situation….