Ya git whatcha pay fer

Yes, we are on an odyssey. Today? I dressed like any normal Planet Ann Arbor person would dress for 6:00 AM on a typical April day. By the time we got to the Woodford Reserve Distillery, my tights, smart wool socks, silk t-neck, and polartech vest were a wee bit much but I survived. (Wonderful tour and I would link to the site but it’s almost impossible to get to, due to alcohol rules maybe? Dunno but Google at your own risk.) A few pics. Fermenting.


Funny coincidence type thing happened when I posted the next pic on facebook. A Planet Ann Arbor buddy saw it and said she had been on that tour three days earlier. Small world.


I wanted to *walk* the little winding roads that led to the distillery so I could take some photos of that beautiful country. Horse country. Black fences like this all over the place and green green green. This half-hearted shot was about the best I got.


Back onto the I75 SUV Speedway and on down to Knoxville, where we toured that city courtesy of my nephew first cousin once removed, who is pursuing a master’s degree in information science there. (He feels like a nephew because he is my kids’ age or thereabouts but he is my cousin’s child.) If I could do it all over again, info science would be my chosen field of study but I digress. We had barbecue at Sweet P’s Barbecue and Soul House. They were so nice. They didn’t have whine (liquor laws are not as loose here as they are in the Great Lake State), so I ordered a Sam Adams, and when I didn’t know what *kind* of Sam Adams I wanted, they graciously chose one for me. It was perfect with my food! You can’t see the river and docks and stuff outside this place. Not exactly a tiki bar but close.


Knoxville was hopping tonight and here we are next to some Public Art in Market Square. Public Art probably does not provoke the same controversial reactions in Knoxville as it does on The Planet Ann Arbor.


Stopped for a beer (whine for me, this place had it) here at Boyd’s Jig and Reel.


Finally a walk down to the river. The last couple blocks took us down a hill that *almost* made me feel as dizzy as The Hill Between The Yarn Stores (in SanFran) but I managed. The trip *up* was much easier and here is the Henley Street Bridge.


It is late and we are safely(?) ensconced in our lovely(?) hotel a few miles down the road. Stay tuned to see where we end up tomorrow.

Hit publish, KW. Typos, run-on sentences, and other word-smithing sins be damned.

Omigosh! I will not tell you about trying to navigate Knoxville’s freeways, et al, while taking a phone call from a relative back in Michigan. One who had no clue about the chaos that was going on at the other end.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Lovely photos of a wonderful adventure. No wine, but beer? I always thought they went together as far as liquor laws. Have you ever been to PA? Crazy laws there about booze!