Back in Kansas. Or is it Oz?

newshoesIsn’t Oz one of the many nicknames for The Planet Ann Arbor? Or am I delirious? The Google doesn’t tell me much. Tree Town. Well, yeah, but aren’t there some other nicknames? Definitely looks more like Kansas here than Oz but that is changing rapidly.

How dooya like my new blue shoes? I wore my red Keens down to Fla (and they are still good hiking shoes (and so are my old purples)). The new blue ones are wonderful but Keens — at least for me — need a wee bit of breaking in so I left them home for the trip. Pack light… What about the tights? Purple, anyone? I’m sure I’ve posted that link before and I bet I’ll post it again. Do my colors clash? I do not care.

Anyway, the GG took this colorful pic as we were taking our reglear Sunday hike down by the river. He even posted it on facebook. He is not all that active on facebook so I was a wee bit surprised that he managed to post it without asking for help (even though he is a computer scientist by trade and can troubleshoot almost anything). What I mean though is that he can go for DAYS without even looking at facebook. This can result in a couple scenarios:

1) GG: I wonder what [insert one of many C-fam relatives here] is up to these days. KW: [insert relative] is [blah-blah-blah]. GG: How did you know that? KW: Facebook *snort*.

2) [A C-fam relative]: Bill, the HL webcam isn’t working. [crickets…]

Hey, it’s all good. Everybody uses facebook differently. As snarky as I can be when either of these scenarios happen, I am silently proud of him. [wink] Disclaimer: I love my C-fam in-laws. They are the best!

Two weeks ago today, we were in a small leaving-on-vacay faaar drill here at the Landfill. I scrambled to get outta work and when I got home, the GG drove into the driveway just as I was trying to wheel the garbage / recycle / compost carts out to the curb. Like, couldn’t you have arrived five minutes later? [Hard to drag carts out with the Lyme Lounge and two vee-hickles in the driveway]. Thanks to Mouse for hauling the empty carts back up, maybe while we were on a distillery tour in Kentucky.

A week ago today, we were staying in a Holiday Inn Express hotel in downtown Gainesville, taking our niece and her boyfriend out to dinner (but not their cat, who at that point was still a bit skittish about us (plus who would take a cat to a restaurant)) and visiting their lovely townhouse-style apartment.

Today? Butt in seat as usual. But it was a particularly good work day in some small ways that I couldn’t describe if I tried because most of you do not know anything about fixed format files (and do not want to know). Short story: I make good pictures [wink]. I did take out the carts tonight and the GG will drag them back up tomorrow since he doesn’t work on Fridays. And maybe he will even wash the *garbage* cart. It needs it!

G’night, KW

3 Responses to “Back in Kansas. Or is it Oz?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love those purple tights and your eclectic look. I’m changing up my outfits a bit too; I may even buy some skirts and dresses. However, I have to wear them with boots because I never in my life want to wear nylons again. 🙂 I’m on Facebook too much and I hate that, but it fulfills my curiosity about what people are doing and where they’re going; I’m not sure if that’s good or bad.

  2. Sam Says:

    KW, you are a saturated-color gal! Luv.

  3. elizabeth carter Says:

    I love color too, but I don’t actually wear it out so much except in the Summer. You own it. Your vacation was absolutely cool, wasn’t it ? I’m so glad you did that, now everybody is taking a trip but meeeee. Funny coincidence I guess. This blog is good its got a little bit of everything. Now were looking forward to the good weather and going up north.