In which I miss the day’s major excitement! (But my horse naturally won)

Today marks the first day the farmer’s market is open at 7:00 AM on Saturdays. It is open all winter but it doesn’t open until 8:00 and that doesn’t quite fit my stoopid little routines. And let’s face it, there isn’t as much fresh produce there in the winter. This morning? Asparagus was calling and I was rarin’ to go. Someday ‘hicken the Garden Sentinel may have some more friends but this ‘hicken is the property of Harnois Meats and is not for sale.


Harnois is a pretty fast talker (we know that but we approached his stall anyway [wink]) and he talked us into two cornish hens. Huge cornish hens. One for tomorrow, the other in the freezer for Memorial Day weekend (or whenever). He did not talk us into chicken feet. I’m sure they do make great chicken broth for soup but I am not currently in a soup-making habit. It’s on my radar screen but I’m not there yet. If / when I get there, I’ll remember his chicken feet. Other stuff? Lettuce (lots of it), radishes, asparagus (at the *donut* stand, of all places), onions, smoked mackerel, fingerling potatoes (I somehow *washed* one of them — in the washing musheen — how did *that* happen?), pasties from Uncle Peter, kim-chee and bean sprouts from Wan Oo [phonetic spelling]. We haven’t seen Wan Oo since November or thereabouts. We asked if she operated her stall during the winter. The answer was no and her opinion of winter 2015 is that it was “harsh”. Yes, it was. So good to see these familiar faces again after that harsh winter.


What to do with the rest of the day… I have about a billion prodjects [intentionally misspelled] that I want to get done around here but most of them require some Collaboration. So, what could I get Collaboration on *today*… Well, we certainly weren’t going to replace the Blue and Only Bathroom today, especially not if we Remove the Chimney. What else? Oh, that stupid step into the back yard. It’s a sturdy structure but in recent years, since we put patio pavers out there, they shift below it and it becomes unstable and, when you step on it, it rocks. Not a good scenario, especially if you are carrying things outside. You know, ‘puters and glasses of whine and things. (And we are getting “old”, don’tcha know… [snort])


So off we went to Fendt to get, well, I’m not sure what you would call them, but big heavy stone / concrete / whatever blocks to build “steps” with. Why we had the Ninja out there is a long boring story but there is no way the Ninja could carry the 18 of those 70 pound blocks that we bought, so we came back and got the Frog Hopper and here we go.


Mid prodject and yes, that is a bird poop bulls-eye on the GG’s hat.


<alert>BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP EARTHQUAKE ALERT! Yes, believe it or not, there was an earthquake in the Great Lake State today. They do happen. This one was 4.2 on the Richter Scale, which is pretty high for the general area. I did not feel it but others did, including Lizard Breath (former SanFran resident) in Detroit in her second floor apartment. Twitter and Facebook LIT UP! Earthquake! Earthquake! Earthquake! KW? Did not notice. Blah…</alert>

There’s a lot going on in this photo but if you ignore the baggy old kayak woman reflected in the window and the mad scientist with his new trebuchet, you might notice our new steps there. Maybe not the most aesthetically bee-yooty-ful construction on earth but I am happy with it! I can walk out the door without tipping this way and that (at least I will be able to once I get used to the fact that I *don’t* tip this way and that when I walk out there — the old orange juice in my bottle when I was expecting milk kind of trick) and the GG worked *hard* on this today. I hope he didn’t injure any of his fingers! I was kind of hoping that plastic shoe tray and all of the detritus on it might disappear during the prodject but it didn’t and I’m gonna count my blessings and quit while I’m ahead!


And so my horse actually won. American Pharaoh. I choose horses based entirely on their names. I do not care about odds, etc. Not sure if I have won any money at all. We’ll see how it all comes out.

2 Responses to “In which I miss the day’s major excitement! (But my horse naturally won)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Awesome that your horse won–I completely forgot about the KD since I’m not a horse racing fan. (although I adore Dick Francis books–go figure!) I have several outside projects to do, like my deck, but will hire them out. 🙁 I miss Patt, not just for that reason, but for having all these extra things to worry about. On a random note, have you tried any of that sauce yet and is it OK?

  2. Sam Says:

    We chose the same horse!

    I look forward to trying those steps sometime in the next few months, maybe even carrying “‘puters and glasses of whine and things…!!”