Klister wax

It is pretty warm here in the Great White North this weekend and the folks who live and work here are kicking up their heels with joy cautiously optimistic about that! Waitress at Little Boots Diner this morning and butcher at Best Choice grocery in particular. The last couple of winters have been harsh and last summer? Summer? Huh?

What a wonderful weekend here with the GG and his sister Liz. Liz was not yet astir when we went to breakfast but we knew that she wouldn’t be upset if we didn’t invite her and also that she is more than capable of feeding herself, so off we went. After brefkast, we toured the Muskegon River/Reedsburg Dam area. These two photos are taken in that general area. If you click and click again on the second one (with the geese), you will see raindrops on the water. Beautiful.



We slodged around at the cabin for a while after this. The GG wanted to take a nap and Liz was doing her own thing. I mobilized a little KW-alone trip to our fave Best Choice grokkery store where I picked up various dinner/lunch/snack provisions. When I returned, all three of us scrambled a little hiking trip up to the Ski Ranch. None of us were interested in a Death March today and this little hike was just the ticket. Pics below.




Beautiful early spring terrain. A few moe-skee-toes but nothing terribly obnoxious yet. Returned to the Group Home for a mixed grill and lots of veggies. So much fun. I’ll blahg about the bright red tick mite another day.

2 Responses to “Klister wax”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Glad you’re getting some warm weather! (we are too–about 80 today!) I got lots planted. 🙂

  2. Sam Says:

    Thanks for the “embiggen” tip…great moment, and you captured it. The quiet of a spring moment…geese…and no mosquito-song…yet. Or so I imagine….