Road Warrior Season

hlEven though it was less than two weeks ago that we crash-landed back on The Planet Ann Arbor after our wondrous Road Trip to Fla and back, here we are at the Houghton Lake Group Home. We had a smooth trip up today. I wish I had been ready with my iPhone to post some of the major construction prodjects we passed along the way. US23 / I96 interchange anyone? That interchange, with its WWII-style cloverleaf entrance / exit ramps, needs it!

For whatever reason, lots of folks in the fam seem to be road-tripping during this in-between season. It is after the big spring break crowds in Fla and before the big crowds up here in the Great No-Longer-White North. There was our trip to Fla and back via Knoxville, Atlanta, two locales in Fla, and Chattanooga. We currently have relatives road-tripping to Seattle and Virginia and Fla albeit via a different route with different (but no less beautiful) stops along the way.

Even though our big beautiful Road Warrior Trip is well over, I am a bit envious of those who are still journeying and I am loving the photooos they post. BTW, driving the 180 miles to get from The Planet Ann Arbor to the Group Home is a piece of cake compared to the 500-600 mile slogs we did going to Fla and back. Except we’ve droven this stretch of the I75 SUV Speedway so many times for so many years that it is so doggamn boring that I was glad the GG was driving and I could read and do the xword on my phone after a long week at work.

We are here with The Beautiful Liz (s-i-l, not daughter). Fish are jumpin’ and the the cotton weather is high fine. And the peepers are peeping back in the swamp.

One Response to “Road Warrior Season”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Sounds like it’s going to be a great weekend! 180 miles–geeze. By the way, I just read a John Sandford mystery where much of the action took place in the UP.