Danger, Will Robinson!

errortruckA day of minor mishaps. I began by meeting MMCB2 for coffee so it wasn’t all that bad and I did survive it albeit with the jangly nerves of a KW coffee buzz amplified by all the little mishaps.

First, for the first time in 7.5 years, I arrived over at Cubeland WITHOUT MY BADGE! If I don’t have my badge, I cannot get into the building without calling someone already inside and begging them to let me in. Or waiting around and piggy-backing. I was looking up Cube Nayber’s number on my phone when I spied Mr.Luv (not [exactly] his real name) heading to the building so I piggy-backed in with him. Piggy-backing is a no-no. It is a no-no for good reason although the folks at The Mother Ship of our huge global corporation who create the security (etc.) on-line training “classes” don’t quiiiiite get that most of the folks who work in our backwater location have worked together FOREVER and we would KNOW when that person following closely behind us doesn’t belong in the building. It has NEVER happened at our location as far as I know. Occasionally a confused duck rushes the door but that’s about it.

But. Oh dear. I KNOW my badge is at home. Roight? What if it’s not? If it’s not, when I get to Cubeland tomorrow, nobody will be there and I will have to wait for someone to piggy-back in on. Not cool. Plus, if I have truly lost my badge, I need to get a new one. So. I. Drove. Home. For. Lunch. All. Eight. Miles. And. Back. And yes, when I got home, after a moment (or two or ten) of panic, I spied my badge on the floor between the bench by the front door and the basket next to it. Whew! And yet? Annoyed as all getout. At myself…

Traffic has been squirrely all day. Not all that much slower than usual, just weird. A near miss in the infamous State / Ellsworth roundabout — I saw oncoming traffic and [wisely] stopped but the person in the lane left of me did not. For a split second, I thought they would collide and possibly slide over and crunch me and the Ninja too but all ended well.

And then there was the situation in the photooo… I wish my timing had been better and I had gotten a photo of this truck with its taaaars UP ON THAT BIG TRAFFIC ISLAND (or whatever it is) as it crossed over it into the other lane but I got what I got. I do NOT know what this truck driver was trying to do. I THINK he was trying to get to the Westgate Kroger and took a wrong turn. You would have to have an intimate familiarity with the geography of the streets and parking lots to understand what happened here. I was thinking something like, “Whaaaaa?” This was all in very slow motion, which you might guess by the fact that I have a photo of it because make no mistake, I cannot drive stick and use my phone at the same time unless I am at a dead stop.

2 Responses to “Danger, Will Robinson!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    They keep telling us that all our school buildings will soon go to keyless entry and we’ll have to use our badges, so I leave mine in the car and wear it around my neck. Since my school is campus style and has about 30 outside doors, I don’t see it happening any time in my working future. Glad you avoided all the road craziness!!

  2. elizabeth carter Says:

    When approaching a roundabout, if there is a truck in it no cars are to enter. Everyone who drives should examine the website that teaches how to drive in roundabouts, they are very good teaching/learning tools.