Cookie crumbs in the printer…

So, we have been having trouble printing things for a while now. Turns out there are cookie crumbs in the printer. Which is really strange since no one around here makes cookies, at least not frequently…


Fortunately, Staples is a half mile (or so) away.


And then there was this beautiful gift from my Mouse. From Treasure Mart.


Red glass. The tall skinny one. The other red glass item was an xmas gift a couple years ago. I don’t like to collect a whole lot of *stuff* but I do like some decent glass, especially colored glass, and my Mouse understands this very well. Love you, my beautiful daughter.

One Response to “Cookie crumbs in the printer…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Love the glass! I’m sure I have tons of cat hair in my keyboard but I KNOW how that got there. 😉