[mumble mumble] years ago today

goldfiestaoriginalYes, I have posted this photoooo before (and I’ll prob’ly post it again). It is my 1979 Ford Fiesta aka Mama’s Little Gold Car. It is the second vee-hickle I have owned, after the piece of sh*t Ford Pinto Wagon I bought from my parents. The Pinto rusted to pieces and when the body shop guy gave us something like an $800 quote, the ‘rents gave a little boost to my not-very-good financial situation so that I could buy a *new* vee-hickle. Funny that $800 doesn’t seem like all that much money for extensive body work but I don’t *think* I’m mis-remembering.

The Engineer helped with my vee-hickle search. We were buying in Sault Ste. Siberia, so our choices (in those days) were limited to Ford, GM, and Chrysler. Given my “budget”, we were looking at teensy tinesy Econoboxes and quickly decided against the Shovette Chevette. We looked at a Dodge Omni that had been used as a demo but it smelled like cigarettes. Nope.

I ended up with this cute little vee-hickle. It matched my hair! (💩) Seriously, I was so proud of myself for owning this humble vee-hickle. This photooo was taken five years later (go ahead, do the math). In that time, I had moved to The Planet Ann Arbor, gotten a job at CSC, married a guy who bought his own Ford Fiesta aka Daddy’s Little Blue Car aannndddddd… when we took the pitcher, Lizard Breath was on the way. (And the car was long-ago paid off because KW does NOT like to owe money!)

We had been at Houghton Lake that weekend. It was cold and rainy the whole weekend, then on Sunday (the 13th), the clouds started spitting snow at us. Unusual? Naw, not for the Great Lake State. Unpleasant? You betcha. Lemme see. I was just past the “morning sickness” stage and, although I never had a lick of trouble with either pregnancy, I was a little moody and so, “Let’s get outta here!” So we did and we took M18 down and got caught in a pretty good snowstorm, as you can see. About 20 miles south of where we took this pic, the precipitation changed to a liquid form and the rest of the drive home was as smooth as it ever is.

The next weekend? We closed on The Landfill (which has also been paid off for umpteen billion years (because KW does NOT like to owe money)) and drove up to Houghton Lake again. It was hot and sunny. Go figger…

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  1. Margaret Says:

    That much snow in May? Yikes. My first car was a 1974 Toyota Celica; it ran so cleanly that you could eat off the engine. Great little car and very good in the snow with its front wheel drive and gears.