Crab, whitefish, and kimchee (and some TMI so enter at your own risk 🐸)

redmiteI like the crab salad and the whitefish spread from our fave Best Choice Market up at Houghton Lake. I love Wan Oo’s [phonetic spelling] kimchee. But, kimchee? I’m just not crazy about the smell. I think I said something about “morning sickness” yesterday. At the risk of TMI, I never had the kind of morning sickness that makes you throw up. Not even close. With the first child, smells could put me off various things. I don’t remember anything in particular at this point. Just that there were things I didn’t really want to eat. That faded (as it usually does) when the second trimester arrived. With the second child, nothing ever bothered me at all. It was to the point that I happened to read an article that said something to the effect that if you didn’t feel “funny” during the first trimester, your pregnancy probably wasn’t viable. Well, I am here to say, NOT TRUE! At least not in my case, because that would be Mouse and she is definitely viable! Sorry both for the TMI and also for anyone who happens to randomly land here and has lost a pregnancy.

I feel truly lucky about my child-bearing experiences. I know not everyone has that kind of luck and one of those was my moom, who tried to have children for the better part of the 11 years of their marriage before I was born. She lost someone between me and my brother and then expected she would lose my brother shortly after birth (Rh-negative crap). I have vivid memories of those days. He ended up living a vibrant life but she/we lost him at 47 and that’s a long story for another day.

Anyway, tonight, somebody finished off what was left of of the crab salad, whitefish spread and kimchee and dumped the remains in the kitchen sink right next to where I was on KP (really, I was peeling potatoes). Not only was the smell AWFUL, there was kimchee juice mixed in with the dishwater and, well, you are happy that I didn’t take a pic. I kicked the GG outta the chitchen and cleaned up the mess. For the record, Wan Oo makes excellent kimchee. I’m just not crazy about kimchee. She also sells some other wonderful little delicacies that I AM crazy about. And she’s one of the GG’s farmer’s market girlfriends so she is A-OK in my book.

Oh yeah, that red insect arachnid in the photooo? We found that little beastie while hiking the ski ranch trails last weekend. We had never seen a totally red insect arachnid before. It looked like a tick. We hate ticks. The Google told us that it was a mite and that mites are Good Citizens. I suppose ticks are also Good Citizens too in some way but my encounters with ticks have not been all that friendly.

2 Responses to “Crab, whitefish, and kimchee (and some TMI so enter at your own risk 🐸)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I remember my nausea at the smell of cooking hamburger(terrible!) and at even touching raw chicken. I liked tea when I was pregnant, although normally I don’t unless it’s iced. My pregnancy with Ashley was way easier than the one with Alison. That nearly 4 years must have made quite a difference.

  2. elizabeth carter Says:

    That little red velvet thingie was very busy going somewhere, anyway it sure is vibrant red.

    Sorry, tell the GG not to share the sink when he’s dumping and you are trying to create food to eat – crossing paths in the kitchen is a no-no, hasn’t he figured that out yet? Its gravity that draws you to eachother, in the chitchen anyway, he’s got to beware of that gravity, its like a gravity storm.