Think that’s enough toilet paper?

packingOnce upon a time, school would end for the year at Stinkin’ Lincoln and the kid who Red-Queened to school from 1304 Superior Street and her little bro’ would actively lobby to move out to the cabin the NEXT DAY. This was not a hard sell, since Grandroobly could easily drive to work every day, so The Commander would give each of us a bushel basket and we would pack all of our clothing and worldly belongings into it. I remember packing color-by-number books and the colored pencils that went with them, a Jon Gnagy drawing book, and whatever five biographies I currently had checked out from the library (crushing on Dan’l Boone & Kit Carson, what can I say…). And I fergit what else. Oh yeah, my origami stuff and whatever musical instrument I was currently working on: recorder in the early years and later on, flute. Puano? Sorry, it didn’t move for the summer. I could always go next door to Don & Katie’s and make horrible sounds on their pump organ though. (I knew better than to do that very often 🐗)

It didn’t matter to us if the outside temperatures dropped to 39 degrees overnight and the wind was blowing a gale. The Commander would build a big faarrrr in the old wood stove and we would do our thing. And of COURSE, our daily schedule included a swim in Gitchee Gumee. You could not go one single day without swimming. As I have said umpteen bazillion times before, we were required to find a parent to watch us and I don’t remember anyone *ever* saying no, even if they had to wear a ski jacket to sit on the beach. There was a rule for no swimming an hour after a meal. I actually think that, given the kind of shallow-water swimming we were doing, that was unnecessary and instituted to give our parents a little bit of down time. Kind of like the Three O’clock Snack rule the Comm instituted many years later when her four young granddaughters made nearly constant requests for food.

Anyway, Moving Out to the Cabin was never all that big a production. We just kind of packed up and went. These days, it’s a whole different ballgame and that mess in the Landfill Front Room is what we are taking up there with us this weekend. Cleaning supplies, toiletries, *some* non-perishable food items, stuff that *I* use and will want to take home at the end of the season if they aren’t used up by anyone else. And some stuff that the GG will use in the Lyme Lounge for its 2015 Shakedown Cruise.

This will be a relatively complicated trip with various connections to make. NpJane will be there! That means we don’t have to drive two vee-hickles up there. We’ll drive up with the Frog Hopper and Lyme Lounge and I’ll catch a ride back to Megalopolis on Monday with NpJane! The GG will mosey off with the Lyme Lounge to meet up with our NCT buddies for spring trail maintenance next week. I wish I could hang out with that crew too but I’m not ready for the “R” word yet.

Anyway, I am in the pre-travel freakout stage. It’ll be fun, roight? Think through it, KW. You can provide updates on NpJanes rodent count!

P.S. Last year, that was more than enough toilet paper.

4 Responses to “Think that’s enough toilet paper?”

  1. Uncly Uncle Says:

    I will be in Traverse City Thursday evening. I think I am going to Houghton Lake.
    When are you headed north?

  2. Margaret Says:

    Depends on how many people are using the TP! Our camping trips in the summer were stressful to get ready for, but once we were there, we enjoyed the fruits of our preparations. Is your husband retired? (the R word?)

  3. Sam Says:

    Love the bushel basket packing method. For a friend’s family, each kid got a cardboard beer case/box…back when those were common…. Travel safely! (We often left for the hinterlands the day after school got out, too!)

  4. gene Says:

    I thought I Had made a reply before but it didn’t stay. Must not be doing something right.