Crepuscular Rays and Grab Ass Enchiladas

crepuscularDon’t you love the word “crepuscular”? It is one of my fave words ever. Maybe that’s because it is a “big” word that I can actually use in a sentence without wondering if I know what the heck I’m talking about or whether I’m using it correctly. The Commander did not shy away from using “big” words around young children and my neighborhood buddy Laurie would actually tease me about that. Of course Laurie teased me about a lot of things, like “Sunday School is baby school”, she being Catholic and therefore attending Catechism (on Saturdays) and having to sit through a Latin (?) mass on Sundays. I didn’t care. I wasn’t all that crazy about Sunday School all on my own without any teasing and we were best friends anyway. At least through grade school, even though she went to St. Joe’s and I went to Stinkin’ Lincoln. We drifted apart when we hit junior high. She got into “kissin’ and stuff”. I wanted to be into “kissin’ and stuff” too but didn’t quite know how to accomplish that. TMI, roight? I’m sure the Beach Urchins think it is… 🐗

This pitcher doesn’t really do justice to the crepuscular rays the sun was throwing out on our drive up the I75 SUV Speedway from The Planet Ann Arbor to the Group Home @ Houghton Lake. As we were coming down the home stretch to the Group Home, we were carefully watching for the GPS to switch from day to night mode. We arrived at 9:01 and it had not switched yet but I’m sure it happened shortly thereafter. I don’t like to arrive that late at night these days. I am missing the years when I was “retired” (aka, between IT careers (by choice)) and the GG had a lot of time off and so we could travel at convenient times. Now that I have a full-tilt boogie career and the GG still has a lot of time off, traveling is just a pain in the *ss. Today the Queen Bee released me early. The GG did not leave early but it was okay, I got a few things done while waiting for him. I walked over to pick up prepared Enchiladas from the Plum and even had time to sip a wee bit of whine before we got on the road. It’s okay. We’re pulling the Lyme Lounge this weekend, therefore I was not driving (although I can pull a trailer if I have to, just don’t ask me to back up).

Tomorrow? Birch Point Beach or bust, although I don’t think we will blast outta here quite at 0-Skunk-30. We’re opening up the moomincabin tomorrow. Just for the record, we are doing that tomorrow because common sense: 1) Mother Nature says it’s okay (aka the pipes will no longer be in danger of freezing (although it doesn’t look like it’ll be a particularly WARM weekend)), 2) no one else seems to be available to open up the cabin any time soon, and 3) we *are* available and have time to open it up. The bulk of the work takes a couple hours most years. I sincerely hope that more family members are able to get up there and use it this summer. Alas, it sits empty most of the season, which I do not view as a good thing… (And no, it is not a suitable place to rent out. Please don’t go there.)

I guess I should eat. I get the Grab Ass Enchiladas. Don’t ask. You don’t wanna know. G’night. KW

One Response to “Crepuscular Rays and Grab Ass Enchiladas”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It’s nearly the same word in French, crepuscule–but it reminds me too much of the word corpuscle. 🙂 Grab ass enchiladas? I do want to know! Traffic is supposed to be terrible around here, so part of me is glad I’m not headed out anyway. The other part is already a little bored with my own company.