Three by land, one by sea aka terlet…

Exit here or you’ll end up in da Yooperland.


The yooperland is becoming springlike by now but the leaves are just beginning to appear in the woods along the cabin road.


I have not seen any snow in the woods this year but there is this loverly snowpile at the Glen’s Family Fare supermarket in town. Gratuitous shot of the Froghopper with the Purple Kayak on top.


The usual boring shot of our Lake Superior Beach. Dreaming of Bradenton Beach at this point. Love my beach but missing Florida. Suz & Cap’n Ed, Pengo et al, and all the alligators and manatees. But no, I will never move to Fla.


A UFO aka Unidentified Floating Object. I was walking the beach and texting with Our Northern Correspondent Paulette when I encountered this thing. I love when we text while one of us is walking the beach. Why (again) is technology a bad thing? Just askin’.


It is not warm here and so I have had to suspend my childhood rule of Swimming Every Day. You can see my tights and Smartwool socks in this photo. What you can’t see is my ski-band and glubs.


Thank you, my Dear Uncle Harry for keeping the old outhouse going. I used it today before we got our water going. I even contributed a roll of terlet paper to the cause. Love you Bubs and Harry!


We had a wonderful afternoon visitor today, first cuzzint twice removed to both npJane and I. She texted with her friend / second cuzzint once removed Lizard Breath about fave bands and Liz’s work and I’m not sure what else. I did not obtain permission from her mom or grandma to post this and I will happily remove it if it isn’t okay. (I was careful not to include her face.) BTW: She *has* swum in the lake already this year (yay!) and I have received information that her older brother was observed paddle-boarding an ice floe. Been there, done that [sorta]. Love it.


And then, as we finally got around to eating, the sun was heading toward the horizon.


We watched Gitchee Gumee swallow up the sun, then npJane went home to start a faaaar in the kitchen stove and I finished washing the dishes and we are setting up to sleep downstairs tonight. Tomorrow includes cleaning and lunch at Clydes and purchasing / potting impatiens and I dunno what else.

4 Responses to “Three by land, one by sea aka terlet…”

  1. Aimee Nassoiy Says:

    Oh, I want to be there with you tonight! Did you really try paddle boarding? I have been thinking for some years now that the paddle board would be the vessel of choice for BPB. I really want to try some NW storm waves too! Robyn is trying surfing on our left coast. Love to all, please take me spirit for that walk down the beach.

  2. l4827 Says:

    We took a detour in Indian River. Should make it up there tomorrow. Hope all is going well with your opening ceremonies.

  3. Margaret Says:

    Awesome pics! I love the outhouse one because I’m quirky like that. Technology, ah, don’t get me started. I love/hate it. I love being able to message, and skype with my kids when we’re far away, but hate it when people are glued to their screens at the expense of enjoying what’s around them like nature, people, events, a beautiful sunrise/sunset, etc. I’m a bit of a Luddite at heart, although I am (obviously) using my iPhone and enjoying it. People thought I would get addicted to it and that’s certainly not the case. I did appreciate it A LOT in Korea though where I could communicate easily with Alison and take pictures/post.

  4. Pooh Says:

    Did Not even recognize the cabin road without summer foliage! Enjoy your time up in the North.