Against all odds, a beach day materialized

I fergit what my iPhone proclaimed about the outdoor temperature this morning but npJane “rounded” it [up] to 30. Close enough. We were actually fairly toasty here at the moomincabin because, since we’re the only ones here, we kept the upstairs closed off and slept downstairs. I had a bit of a rude awakening when the shower experienced a little hiccup AFTER I had already soaped up. The GG had a bit of a rude awakening when I woke him from what looked like a pretty sound sleep so he could fix it. A few minutes of tinkering and all’s well that ends well. Worst-case scenario, I could’ve finished my shower at the Old Cabin or (brrrr) dunked into Gitchee Gumee.

Bundled up for a beach walk and here is some new growth down at the Doelle end.


Now I’m at the Stevens/Morgan Attie/Piedmont end of the beach and this is where the Big Rock is this year. Sometimes it is totally on shore.


npJane and I apparently both inherited the same scrap of DNA that makes us a bit acrophobic, especially when we are Near The Edge (not to be confused with The Grate). Nevertheless, she was up for some roof-sweeping over at the Old Cabin. The GG has been doing this particular little chore the last few years but he graciously allowed 😉 npJ to take over.


I potted my annual Commander Memorial impatiens. The forest is beautiful here but I think The Comm liked just a touch of more brilliant color here and there so, at some point, she began to pot impatiens. When she died, I took over for her. Fortunately impatiens are one of the few plants that I actually don’t kill with my big black thumb.


I’ve been tinking around with little cleaning prodjects here and there and I think the moomincabin chitchen is just about the cleanest I’ve ever seen it. Please understand that the lack of clutter is kind of a lie. I removed some things for the photo. The dish drainer is back now and a few other items of clutter. (Don’t ask me about the oven. The last time I *remember* it being cleaned was summer of about 2008 and The Commander cleaned it and THAT was a whole ‘nother story… … … I’ll have to gather the strength to take a peek soon. It may not be too awful since it doesn’t get used very often.)


Everyone put in a good day’s work today and we made an appearance at Clyde’s Drive-in, which I didn’t take a pitcher of so here’s a whored-up file foto.


The temps warmed up considerably throughout the day (although the Old Cabin is still pretty cold) and against all odds we ended up with a decent beach day. Who you can’t see in this pic is our McNott friend Pat, whose dad Otto died December 2014 at 93. Long time friend of my old coot’s and so we braved horrible road conditions to attend his funeral. So good to check in with Pat and get a reading on how her family’s journey into the future is going without Otto. 💚


And then there was dinner at the Old Cabin via npJane (carbonara, sooooo good). And so much fun talking about our childhood days in the Old Cabin.


I guess we’ll talk about aminals in cabins tomorrow (or whenever). Oh, don’t get panicky, moomincabin folks. There were NO aminals here beyond a very few, small, benign, dead, easily cleaned-up insects 🐸 🐗. Not even Froggy and crew, since we FORGOT them. Sorry.

3 Responses to “Against all odds, a beach day materialized”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Brrr!! I’m glad it warmed up, but the under 30 would not entice me outside. What a beautiful deck and plants! I need to have my deck refinished.

  2. Sam Says:

    Jealous. I can also admit I’m enjoying myself where I am. (I think your shower karma is now re-adjusted back to normal….)

  3. l4827 Says:

    Interesting read, here at the Dancing Crane.