Lions Mice and tigers squirrels and bears powderpost beetles, oh my

beetlesOld Cabin Aminal Count: four mice, all deceased, one in the terlet. One squirrel currently in residence (plus evidence of a big squirrel party over the winter). Powderpost beetles? I dunno how many…

Moomincabin Aminal Count: zero. unless you count a few wispy little dead insects around the chitchen sink that were easily cleaned up. I’m not sure why but the moomincabin has never had a mouse problem. Or a squirrel problem. I am lying a wee bit about the squirrel problem. Two times, we have found a dead squirrel in here. Both times, we think that the squirrel got in while we were closing the cabin and had a door propped open so we could load the car. They get in but they can’t get out. In the Old Cabin, squirrels are able to get in *and* out.

Powderpost Beetles? I do not know what kind of damage they do exactly. I know that the squirrel is a much more immediate concern for npJane than the powderpost beetles. Who wants a squirrel running across their shoulder in the middle of the night? Been there, done that! But not at the moomincabin.

We may not have an ongoing aminal problem here at the moomincabin but we sure do down there on The Planet Ann Arbor. The mice move in, the mice move out, the mice play pinochle on… I *have* had a squirrel run across my shoulder in the middle of the night. It was our own fault. During a hot dry bugless summer, we left a doorwall wide open one evening. Bad idea. And then there was the BAT that came in on some faarrrrwood once. That was an interesting Thanksgiving weekend. And before we “fixed” the chimney (years ago), birds used to get inside sometimes. Oh, man. I do NOT like to have birds flying around inside my house. Not to mention finding dried out bird bones in the water heater… And how could I fergit about the chipmunk incident…

I really shouldn’t have crossed out “bear” in the title. We do have black bears here. The only bear I have ever encountered was the dead bear at Tahquamenon Falls last fall. But other folks in the neighborhood have definitely seen them and occasionally send me photoos. They are out there. They try to stay away from people. That said, we are extremely careful about garbage here. Anything with food scraps is locked into a garbage can in the garage until it gets packed and “tooken” down to The Planet Ann Arbor.

G’night. Heading down south to The Planet Ann Arbor tomorrow with npJane. The GG will take off with the Lyme Lounge to spend a few days maintaining *our* section of the Hiawatha Shore-to-Shore North Country Trail. I wish I could join him but somebody has to work to pay the bills 🐸.

One Response to “Lions Mice and tigers squirrels and bears powderpost beetles, oh my”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I do NOT like any of those aminals you mention, especially bears. I know they’re scared of me, but good grief, they outweigh me by hundreds of pounds and have you seen their teeth and claws?? Birds inside would upset me a lot. I would feel helpless for the poor trapped creatures.