If you need someone to cry at your wedding, hire me!

The first time I connected with Goose Mom was a loverly spring evening when Mouse and Goose and Lairi the Rake were out riding their beeceeclettes. They were 5th graders and were still out when it was starting to get dark and I started to get a little panicky. Where *were* those kids? Lairi the Rake’s moom and I had long been in the trenches of play-date and girl-scout-dom together and we were (and are) good buddies so I started by calling her. Or trying to. Meeeep meeeep meeeep meeeep. Busy. Again. Meeep meeep. Busy. Again. Can you guess what era this was? Did you guess Dial-up Modems? Ding ding ding! You win! Lairi the Rake’s big brother was using the family computer. Oh boy. KW who hates to make phone calls from the get-go decides she needs to call Goose Mom. Goose and Goose Mom were familiar entities but Goose was a new friend for Mouse and KW didn’t know Goose Mom very well at all. Would Goose Mom think KW was a neglectful mother because it was getting dark and she didn’t know where her child was? Heck, would Goose Mom know who I was?

I don’t remember exactly how that phone call transpired. I know I was awkward (because I am ALWAYS awkward on the phone) but the kids were safe (of course!), Goose and Mouse became good friends and sessions of Bagawking and Driving Bacon ensued. And I became good friends with Goose Mom, always a bonus! Sure miss her since she moved to TX but I still get to see her occasionally because Goose is now living on The Planet Ann Arbor again. With her new husband!

Is this a beautiful wedding venue or what? Mouse was one of the Readers and there she is, reading from The Velveteen Rabbit.


Yes, that’s a Pontoon Bote out there in the water. There were people water-skiing and whatnot during the ceremony. But not for long because…


We were near one of the two lower-most red pins. Couldn’t tell you which one. We had fun *anyway* and here is a view of the interior of the reception tent, photobombed 🐸 by some of our dear old Yag buddies (the parental variety, as you might guess).


Looks nice and warm and cozy. Well, not exactly although the temperature had not dropped yet. Turning my phone the other direction…


What you can’t see here is how hard the wind was blowing. Just about the time I was wishing I had brought a polartech jacket instead of my rain jacket (long boring backstory), the party got moved inside.

But before that, Mouse had a special gift for Goose and Karl.


Here’s a bit better view of the gift. The colors are some of Goose’s faves.


For months now, I have been receiving photos of this work in progress by text message. Sometimes those messages actually asked me for advice. Yikes… This Prodject was Top Secret and it is so much fun to finally show it off. I am very proud of my mouse for taking on a prodject like this and delivering a quality product on time (while working and acting in a play). I know how hard that is. I am the Queen of Unfinished Prodjects! (Well, except at work 🐸.)

2 Responses to “If you need someone to cry at your wedding, hire me!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Looks like a lot of fun and what a special keepsake Mouse made! It’s difficult to tell what colors it is–lavender and pink?

  2. Mouse Says:

    Grey and pink! Flying geese for Goose.